Azalea home care


One of the most popular houseplants that is characterized by the beauty and lush form.

Azalea is a shrub, which in the flowering period becoming a favorite among other plants.

It belongs to the family Ericaceae, growing in the home generally meets the «Indian Azalea».

In house conditions reaches 60 cm tall, blooms mostly in the winter period during 2 months, which is undoubtedly an advantage over other plants that are dormant.

Azalea is not capricious, the basic conditions to which it makes demands, it is diffused sunlight, the cool and clean air.

Choose a place for keeping plants away from heating appliances and with good diffused lighting.

The optimum temperature of 12 º C to 20 º C. Bad refers to the increased temperature. In the summer it is possible to equip a loggia or a balcony, as Azalea is not afraid of drafts.

Azalea loves moisture, so it requires an abundant and regular watering, but care must be taken that the ground was not moist, otherwise the roots can rot.

Occasionally spray the foliage with water from a spray bottle also is a necessary procedure during the care of a plant.

The moisture will cool the increased air in the room. Water should be settled and slightly chilled.

Special attention should be given to the soil the plant likes acidic soil, so it is best to use the land purchased in a specialty store.

If you use garden soil, taken at their summer cottage, you need to add pine needles, peat, sand in an amount of one part of the above-mentioned two parts of the earth.

Once a month the substrate is preferably wetted with a solution of citric acid (1st.liter per 10 liters of water).

Also make sure if the withering and yellowing of leaves increased, should reduce wetting of the soil acid solution.

Also don’t forget about fertilizing azaleas compound plant fertilizer with phosphorus content.

In flowering plants, it is desirable to increase coverage, it will prolong the life of flowers. Also to extend the flowering can be the time to remove the faded part can keep the moisture from falling on the buds.

Not rarely Azalea is being attacked by pests, especially spider mites. To avoid this, periodically inspect the leaves.

Damaged or suspect areas can be treated with a soap solution, mixed with tobacco.

After treatment, a few hours, be sure to rinse the leaves with clean water. Pretty effective tool, if necessary, repeat several times.

The plant, like many other Pets in need of pruning. After flowering shoots and remove weak, damaged and expanded.

Trimmed the excess cuttings, but durable enough to use for breeding azaleas. Their roots about 2 months and planted in individual flower pots.

Fair courting a flower will allow you to create unique beauty, and can transform plant a tree in the style of «bonsai».

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