Avonia — care at home


Avonia is a very interesting houseplant. This flower is originally from South Africa.

It has a thin, Slavovitsa stems and very small leaves.

The flowers are greenish-yellow or white-greenish color, usually hanging down, but there are on short stalks.

Avonia refers to self-pollinating plants, a single flower, and after a couple of months you can collect the seeds.

This flower is characterized by a simplicity and asceticism, therefore, does not require special care.

For planting the plants you can buy ready-made soil designed specifically for succulents (as avonia refers to this kind), and you can make a soil mixture yourself.

For this you will need soil with a humus of leaves, sand and clay, can be added to the composition of the charcoal.

Avonia in winter, almost no watering. In the summer the watering must be very careful. You should not fill the plant with water, otherwise it may lead to rotting of the root system.

You need to give the soil to dry after watering the plants and then watered. Additionally moisten or spray the leaves do not need.

Avonia like bright sunlight, it is not afraid to direct sunlight. However, if the Windows are on the South side, in the hottest hours of the day, you may need shading.

In spring and summer the plant should be fed once a month. For this it is best to purchase a special mineral mix for cacti, which is freely available in flower shops.

The plant is convenient because it is not necessary to cut, since it is not branching. Like any other flowers, the plant is susceptible to disease. This files most often affected by spider mites and mealy worms.

With the tick it is necessary to act quickly, as it reproduces almost every 12 days. As soon as you see that the plant mite, immediately begin to treat him.

For this purpose suitable devices «vertimek», «Mavrik». You can use a decoction of the tubers of cyclamen.

Cooking the tubers need to complete their transformation into a thick paste. After strain and lubricate the tassel stems. Usually a tick after this treatment disappear forever.

In diseases caused by mealy worm, can be controlled without chemicals. You just need to inspect the plant daily and remove pests with cotton wool soaked in alcohol or Cologne.

Avonia among gardeners is popular because of the ease and simplicity of care. Perfect for beginners.

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