Avocado care in the home


This is a Mexican tree with some time it became popular with us.

At home, it can reach 20 meters in height.

The leaves have a glossy shade of dark green on the outside and bluish inner.

Green or yellow color of the flowers.

The fruit is pear-shaped, no wonder it is called earthen pear.

Since avocados are very nutritious and useful, due to their content of proteins and minerals, in recent years, Russia has become a fashionable trend to grow it at home.

For growing this plant at home, you take an ordinary bone. It is important that the fruit was not a long time in the refrigerator, as in this case, the bone may not go.

It is desirable to grow potted avocado in a room where a fairly high heat and humidity.

Avocado likes good drainage, so the bottom of the pot for plants, it is desirable to put the clay pellets or pebbles.

Rostock is suitable for wet and loose ground. In any case it is impossible to prevent it caking or becoming too dense. If this happens, it is necessary to loosen.


You cannot choose to plant this vegetable acidic soil. It is best to prepare a mixture, which includes humus, earth from your garden and rather coarse sand.

All the components must take in the same amount. To make land available for oxygen penetration, usually add moss or peat.

Avoid waterlogged soil. To avoid this, do not leave the pan pot of water.

Make watering only warm water and more orosite leaves. Also don’t forget about dressing.

In the warm season indoor plants should be fed with fertilizers at least twice in 30 days.

Avocado – photophilous plant, so it is advisable to grow it on the light side of the house. But do not forget that it must be protected from direct sunlight in order to avoid leaf scorch.

It is especially necessary to monitor the lighting in the fall and winter. If you do feel inspired, use bicolanos for additional lighting.

If suddenly the avocado will begin to drop leaves, do not be afraid. This is normal for all exotic plants when the temperature drops to 12 degrees.

Most often, avocados are susceptible to spider mites and scale insects. Insufficient humidity may lead to desiccation of leaves of plants.

You can handle it, put in the pan of a pot of damp moss that will retain moisture.

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