Autumn work in the flower garden

work in the flower garden

The end of August beginning of September is the period when it is necessary to pay special attention to flower beds and flower beds.

At this time you need to be very careful and monitor the weather.

If there is a dry and hot weather, together are taken for watering and moisturize the soil, and if it is a cold night and a dense morning mist – to protect the flowers from various fungi, as their consequences can be sad.

To stimulate the growth of flowers no longer necessary, as they need to prepare for the winter.

Therefore, the plants wintered well, and not dead remove until spring nitrogen fertilizing and manure and humus.

During flowering Phlox, the turn of the phosphorus-potassium fertilization and integrated autumn fertiliser with a high content of trace elements.

Inspect the leaves and flowers, if there are suspicious bright spots and stripes, keep in mind this can be a viral disease.

In this case, from the infected flowers will have to get rid of, to save them is unlikely. But to jeopardize other plants is possible.

Also blooming monarda, Echinacea, helenium, rudbeckia, and so on. Do not rush out and cut off faded blossoms, with the onset of cold nights, under the frost they will decorate the autumn garden a special charm and give a unique beauty to the composition as a whole.

Still continue to delight us with bright colors, some summer flowers.

They can

work in the flower garden

watering with a nitrogen fertilizer, so they stood before the frost. You can harvest the seeds for next year, leaving some buds.

But in this case, if you do not own hybrid varieties, labeled (F1). From hybrids is unlikely you will be able to repeat the characteristics of their parents.

If your peonies in one place to grow for a long time, the flowers were trivial, and the shoots were thinner, you can rejuvenate.

For this you need to dig up the rhizome and gently remove all the excess, leaving a strong delenki with several young roots. Make sure that the hive is left 6-7 buds.

In cloudy and cool weather safely proceed, if necessary, to transplant perennials that bloom in early summer. In the same period, they can be divided.

Such colors include, for example, geranium, brunnera, Siberian irises, lady’s mantle. You can also start planting flower bulbs.

Such as: Crocus, Rantisi, crocuses, Muscari and others, moreover, during this period, in the shops there is a large choice of planting material.

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