Autumn chicory salad endive

endive salad

Known since ancient times chicory salads are good because you can join the family table in autumn and winter, when zavoit the first snow.

Seeds were grown in Russia as a winter salad for a long time, but then he almost disappeared from gardens.

This is probably due to the bitter taste of the leaves when they are green. However, if you grow endive in buckets without light, you get a pleasant taste of the tender leaves.

Recently, the interest of gardeners to this kind of chicory vegetable revived. He returns to the favorite gardens of the cottages.

Solid leaf texture and a distinct taste make it the perfect condiment for grilled meat such as steak.

Endive is often a part of white or creamy sauce, Crunchy leaves beautiful addition to any salad. Elegant, original cut ornament leaves — an original decoration of any food.

Preparation of the landing


Within the species there are two varieties. Endive with elongated, deeply lobed leaves with curly or scalloped edges planted in mid-summer and harvest in late autumn.

More resistant variety with a wide flat or slightly wavy leaves (Escurial), which begin to sow only late summer in the greenhouse, getting a good harvest in the winter.

Endive is particularly possible in the world, well trenirovannost the soil. The best fertilized soil where you previously grew peas or potatoes. Late planting is recommended to be sure to cover.

In line with a length of 3 meters you can grow 9 or 10 plants. For most families, 2 such rows: in one of the early and late endivia. Early sown in mid-summer.

The cultivation of chicory

Sow the seeds in holes with a depth of 12 mm at a distance of 38 cm from each other, carefully pour. To get the endive pleasant taste, it is grown in the dark.

The first plants Mature in about 12 — 14 weeks after planting or when they reach 30 cm in height. Choose a day when the leaves are completely dry.

Gather them together, lift up and tie a soft rope in the middle. Have curly chicory fasten only the core and some of the side leaves.

You can just close each plant upside-down flower pot. Leave a small space at the bottom to let in air, and the leaves can breathe.

Be sure to close the drain hole with a stone or a shard of the pot. After 2-3 weeks, first autumn, the heart of the chicory becomes white, it is ready for cutting.

The harvest

It is advisable to use seeds in food immediately after harvesting, because leaves during storage quickly stiffen, not acquire light bitterness.

Cut endive can be stored in a dark, but not transparent bag in the refrigerator for three days.

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