Autonomous and backup power supply at home

Autonomous power supply of a house

In case of impossibility or difficulty of connecting the household to the industrial electric network, the alternative may be a system of Autonomous energy supply.

If the quality of electricity supplied is poor should consider the option of using a backup source.

Consider the basic components of the system.

Sources of electrical energy

Devices that convert different forms of energy (mechanical, solar, kinetic energy of wind and water into electricity.

  • Mobile power plant. Represent the unit consisting of the generator receives the torque from gasoline or diesel internal combustion engine. Are systems with automatic start-up and adjustment for direct connection of the load.
  • Solar panels. A relatively new type of sources that directly converts the energy of light radiation into electrical.
  • Hydraulic or wind turbines.


Storage device and power storage

Autonomous power supply of a house

Conventional lead-acid or alkaline batteries. To use recommended maintenance-free, sealed products.

A bit look better operational performance gel battery (instead of liquid electrolyte in the gel state), but their price is significantly higher.

The battery module further function as a filter, providing a stable and uniform flow of energy.

The inverter – voltage Converter

Converts a DC voltage of 12-24DCV necessary for power appliances and lighting (220 ACV,sinusoidal, 50 Hz). Inverters vary in terms of the amplitude of the output voltage.

In cheaper models

Autonomous power supply of a house

form of the output signal pseudosinusoidal (a compromise between a trapezoidal or a rectangular signal and sine).

It can negatively affect the operation of inductive loads: pumps, split systems, refrigeration equipment. Solution – buy a more expensive model of the inverter with a «pure sine».

Automatic control and protection

Autonomous power supply of a house

The electron-relay device designed to maintain the required parameters in Autonomous networks, automatic switching circuits of the consumer to the backup source.

For selection and installation of Autonomous systems it is better to use the services of specialists.

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