Aukuba — care at home


Aukuba – evergreen shrub, native to subtropical East Asia, which quickly spread around the world as greenhouse and room plants.

Depending on the variety aukuba may look different.

As house plants the most common aucuba with yellowish spots elongated, dark green leaves and small inconspicuous flowers.

Aukuba unpretentious to the conditions of detention. The most suitable for her, the temperature in summer is around 20 ° C, if temperature is high – the plant is exposed to aging faster, it is possible to defoliation.

Bad aucuba perceives and direct sunlight. So, taking out her summer at the cottage need to make sure that she was not standing in the sun, and also not fall under the rain.

The optimum temperature for winter from 8 to 14 degrees, not recommended to avoid temperature below +5°C.

If the room temperature is higher than recommended, the plant as often as possible sprayed with warm soft water and provide good lighting. Summer spraying may be omitted.

In the summer, aucuba requires abundant watering in the fall and winter can be limited to moderate watering.

Excessive watering may cause the appearance of black spots on the leaves. The best soil for growing this plant – a mixture of clay and turf (6 parts), peat, leaf soil (2 parts) and sand (part 1), you can also use the purchase zemlesmes.

Transplantation is traditionally produced in the spring while the plant is young, actively growing, repot it annually and Mature aucuba enough to transplant to a larger pot every 2 years.

During the transplant should be very careful with the roots of plants, as they are easily injured and broken.

Optimal way of handling with the ground in a wider pot. After this procedure the plant needs pruning and topping at the top.

Fertilize the shrub should be in the spring when there is active growth. For fertilizing, use organic and mineral fertiliser – it is best to alternate them.

Aukuba propagated by seeds and cuttings. In the first case, you need to plant in the ground only fresh seeds, in addition, it is necessary to maintain the temperature 21 degrees and hold until germination under glass.

When propagated by cuttings of their roots in a mixture of sand and peat, maintaining a temperature of about 21 degrees, regular airing and maintaining the moisture level.

So the plant is not sick, you need to maintain a good level of light and moisture, moderately watered and protect it from pests.

When growing aucuba need to remember that the plant is poisonous, so handle it carefully.

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