Asystasia beautiful — home care

asystasia beautiful

Flowering potted plant of the acanthus family.

In natural conditions grows in subtropical South Africa.

In one genus with Asistencia consist of herbaceous bushes and shrubs, many of which have mechanism of dispersal of seeds from the fruit.

Shoots great asystasia erect, leaves oblong ovate, acuminate. The edges of the finely toothed leaves with short petioles.

Flowers large, to 5 cm long, lilac. Great complexity in the cultivation of plants, the main thing to choose the right location.

Asystasia like a cool room with Windows facing West or East.

The plant likes partial shade, but may be in the world, especially in the summer, the main thing to protect it from direct sunlight. The optimum temperature of contents within +13ºs +15 ° C.

Asystasia prefers a mixture of loam, leaf of earth and sand in the ratio (2:4:1). It is better to buy ready-made all-purpose soil for flowering plants.

Watering the plant should be in moderation and not very often during the rest, much rarer. Enough to keep the earthen room in the pot does not dry up.


On spraying asystasia responds positively, especially if the humidity in the apartment is low. Therefore, when high humidity can be sprayed from time to time, and at low humidity of the air periodically.

The fertilization is carried out, as well as many indoor plants, 2 times per month during the period of active vegetation complex compounds.

The soil must be loosened. Repot young plants annually asystasia possible, and since 3-year-old age every 2-3 years. It is propagated by cuttings in the spring during the transplant.

If the rest period will not be in optimum conditions and this is the reduced temperature and not frequent watering, flowering in this season can not wait.

This is the main problem and a common mistake of novice gardeners lovers. For minimum care asystasia beautiful enough to water it 2 times a week, and in winter 1 time per 10 days.

Instead of fertilizer you can use mineral sticks. Insect pests of this plant are almost there, it is connected most likely with the overseas origin of the flower, they are not very his favor.

To disease also asystasia beautiful, high resistance.

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