Astrofitum — care at home


Astrofitum derived from the Greek word»aster» – star and «phytum» plant.

The name of the cactus received exclusively because of the shape similar to the star have from 3 to 10 ribs. Took the flower to the family of cacti.

There are only 10 varieties. Homeland is the Southern States and the dry regions of Mexico.

Even for experienced gardeners, the cultivation and flowering of Astrophytum is not easy. Flower may suddenly die for no apparent reason.

Astrofitum or star (Astrophytum asterias) incredibly beautiful flower, but rather capricious in cultivation.

Prick about it, you can not, it is completely devoid of thorns.

This cactus is spherical shape slightly flattened stems with gray-green color.

Grows 6 to 8 inches tall and 8 to 10 cm in width. The people called him cactus sea urchin. It blooms only in the summer in the daytime.

Flowers yellow, rarely with red centers have a diameter of about 7 cm Astrophytum prefers a lot of light, so place it on the East and South side of the room. High temperature transfers with ease.

In the fall, begin to develop flower to calm and gradually reduce the temperature to +12°C. In winter it is recommended to contain the cactus at a temperature of from 10°to 12°C.

Watering the plants produce, so no water gets on the stem. Before you make your next watering give completely dry land.

In the growth period exercise moderate watering. In the autumn begin to gradually reduce watering, and in winter the cactus must be completely dry.

Try to regularly ventilate the room. But in spraying astrofitum not need.

To transplant the cactus should, to the extent necessary, code the pot becomes too small and the roots covered the entire earth com.

And remember, you can’t dropwise root neck of a plant it can die. Use during transplanting the prepared soil mixture for cactus with the content of lime chips and charcoal.

Use as drainage at the top and bottom of the pot. Astrofitum fertilize in the spring and summer 1 once a month a special fertilizer for cacti.

Reproduction of plants occurs exclusively by seeds.Sow them in spring at a temperature of +20°C to 23°C.

Improper watering and waterlogged soil is wrinkling of the stem, appearance of brown spots and slowing the growth of cactus.

You need to cut out the affected area, cactus, change, irrigation, and the soil disinfected.

The same cactus may die because of infection or root mealy bug and scale insects.

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