Asters — growing seedlings and without the seedling method

asters growing

Asters have a huge number of different varieties. Each variety is good in its own way. Every gardeners can choose asters to your taste and color.

I prefer to grow asters of different varieties interspersed in flowerbeds and around trees. It turns out very bright «bouquet».

Sometimes for variety, pick one color asters for a single tree species. Another color of the asters I’m looking for another, and the third for the third.

From a distance this design looks beautiful colored balls on a green field. In General, there’s always a place for imagination.The seeds of asters sheath very tight. But they germinate well if the seeds are really fresh (not more than 2 years of storage).

To plant directly in the ground, if the climate in your region is warm enough. When planting, care must be taken that the soil was wet after irrigation does not dry up.

Seed germination 3 to 10 days after planting in the soil to a depth of 5-8 cm Seedlings usually are not friendly and not necessary on this occasion to worry. If the seed is good, then the similarity is 96%.

To plant asters can be in any place, because the amount of sunlight affects the timing of flowering. The plant any growth or volume does not depend on it.

If you want to enjoy the asters in June, then planted the seedlings in may, which reached 60 days from the beginning of mass shoots.

The soil for planting seedlings it is better to take special flower — it is the most favorable for this type of work. The distance between seeds when planting seeds for seedlings should be 5 to 10 centimeters.

Frankly, I’ve noticed in my own experience, that the seedlings long roots after planting and not as resistant to weather surprises, as when sown in the ground.

But in places with a cool climate, in this period from the beginning of germination to flowering, you just don’t see flowering until the first frost.

Although adult plants sometimes withstand rather low temperatures (2-3 degrees), the seedlings should be planted in the period when the danger of frost is reduced to zero.

Of course, each varieties of asters have their own specific recommendations, but General rules regarding landing remain unchanged.

Asters grown seedling, it is desirable to feed (1-2 times per month). You can make a special fertilizer for flowers. And can be fed the same fertilizers and vegetables.

The result is excellent in both cases. The root system of astr is quite large, and easily build a plant with the powder. Therefore, growing asters are easy to recover with little damage to the roots disintegrating garden tools.

Asters are good for contemplation and decoration of flower beds or gardens and bright or soft monochromatic bouquets. They are cut long in the water, and pleasing to the eyes of others.

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