Aster perennial — planting and care

Aster perennial planting and care

Having a garden plot, a sin not to break it colorful rock garden or at least flowerbed.

But to deliver yourself less hassle for planting, you can place a bet on perennials.

And such decoration of the yard can become an Astra many years. This perennial flower are preferred by gardeners.

A variety of types and colors one, only asters many years is already making a flowerbed decorative and colorful.

But the flower attracts by its minimum «list of requirements for comfort. Besides, Astra can’t change the «place of residence» from 6 to 10 years.

Aster perennial — planting

When selecting a location for planting perennial asters should not worry about the quality of the soil. This flower is ready to take root in any soil. But most of all, of course, prefers loamy soil and does not like sour and alkaline soils.

Therefore, before planting asters is desirable to determine the acidity of the soil and bring it back to normal. If the soil composition is clay, the land will have to be frequently loosened.

To break a flower bed at the cottage is better in full sun. But the perennial asters are able to smell and in partial shade. Not afraid of them, and drafts, so many years of Aster can be planted all the empty land on the Islands.

As planting material in different colors usually use the seeds. The same perennial asters can be propagated best by dividing Kustov. Seeds more used in selective breeding. Sometimes Astra ceramcoat, but it takes skill.

Aster perennial — care

Some specific requirements for the care of perennial asters no. The plant is stably stand any weather conditions. But the best would be a climate with moderate humidity. The need to use irrigation only during dry periods.

Thus it is not necessary to wait for the soil under the tree will dry up. Watering on hot days carry out small doses of water, but often. After each watering be sure the soil loosening.

Fertilize perennial Astra 1 time a year in the spring. As mineral nutrition of plants it is recommended to use the solution nitrophoska at the rate of 60 g per 1 sq. m area of the flower bed. This fertilizer asters prefer.

Flowers these pest-resistant plants and almost sick. Therefore, the main objective of growers when growing Aster, a perennial, is to deal with the weeds. Remove them as needed, avoiding thickening of the beds.

Astra many years of preparation for the winter

Perennial asters resistant to frost and is very well tolerated by the frost. Therefore, it is possible to grow in almost all regions. But it’s not

Aster perennial planting and care

mean to spend the winter in the flowerbed they should be left in the clear.

Flower Bush successfully survived the winter, it must be prepared for that. All ground parts of the perennial need to cut.

If a variety of asters thermophilic, or you live in a cold region, Bush will have to cover (mulch). This should be done, if the winter was snowy.

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