Arundinaria (bamboo) — home care


This plant is more suitable for growing in greenhouses, but in large rooms, offices, foyers, halls – it looks spectacular and decorative.

The stems resemble grass stems, with nodes and internodes: the increase is due to the growth of internodes.

The branches are covered with a thin lantsetovidnye leaves that create an elegant crown. Can grow to 3 m tall.

Room shape arundynariyi not exceed 1.5 m.

A distinctive feature of the room (dwarf) forms of leaves with creamy veins, and the tall colored stems: red—»shiny Arundynariyi«, yellow–»Arundynariyi Muriel«.

Overall, this undemanding plant. It dies after flowering, which occurs once in a lifetime.

Growing conditions and maintenance


Suitable for bright rooms, but should be protected from direct sunlight.


The plant is more adapted to cool temperatures in a well ventilated area. Summer temperature range of +18-22°C, in winter +12-16°C.


In the summer season requires abundant watering, but without waterlogging. In winter, watering is moderate, the main thing is not to bring to the drying of the soil.

You can refrain from spraying water as high humidity that the plant room is not required.


Fertilizer is necessary only in the summer season 1 every 2 weeks. Suitable organic and mineral fertilizers. In winter, additional nutrients is not necessary.


As the substrate used a mixture of turf and ground sheet with the addition of sand. Transplant arundinaria quite easily. Propagated change, which is produced by the separation of stems from rhizomes.

Diseases and pests

Key pests – spider mites, thrips, which affects the plant mostly in winter. The leaves are pale, covered with yellowish dots.

In the case of thrips on the lower leaf surface are visible numerous colonies of insects.

To combat spider mites using drugs rapeseed oil.

Measures to control thrips can be reduced by washing the leaves with soap solution, although it is not 100% accurate, but can significantly reduce the level of infestation.

You can complete the processing of natural or chemical drugs. Of natural remedies used infusion of tobacco or tubers of cyclamen.

Of chemical medications effective: goulard water, ground sulphur, dust and highly toxic metafos.

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