Arrangement of flowers with their hands


flower arrangements

The ability of the florist to make flower arrangements with your hands, depends on knowledge of the decorative qualities of plants, taste, skills, and mastery of the technique of drawing up of the arrangements.

The composition of the colors, the compositions can be solid – from plants of one sort and type, and complex – with a blend between several colours and varieties of the same or different shape flowers.

Composition of flowers

Always look good white floral arrangements with greenery. For example, asparagus with a white carnation or annual gypsophila paniculata with white tulips. This is the most simple compositions.

Complicated arrangements can be composed of dahlias, gladioli, asters white, pink, pale yellow tones.

In the compositions of flower, it is important to follow the correct selection and combination of colors. White is neutral and goes well with any shades. It can be placed among aharmonious colors between red and violet, blue and purple.

Purple-black and black-brown not very good colors, but the original. They can be used with pink, white, yellow colors. Meet hyacinth and Dahlia, at least in tulips.

Leaf color varied different shades and serves as a backdrop in flower arrangements and blends with all colors. Good material for the background will become the leaves of peonies, the stems of perennial asparagus, Kohei, Columbine, baby’s breath, goldenrod, ornamental grasses and asters are European.

The red color in the composition are very attractive and active, it is widely distributed and is especially good with yellow and white tones. A great variety of shades of red closer to Magenta and purple tones symbolize love, freedom, festive life. Red gladioli, Anthurium, carnations, roses, asters, astilbe very often used in bouquets.

Yellow and orange – the most catchy and bright. Plants such colors a lot, they cause joy, embody Golden autumn, warm sun. This is marigold, marigolds, gelenium. Perfectly with blue and purple flowers, for example, inula ferrous and melkolepestnik beautiful.

Blue color creates a calm, good in combination with pink, white, fiery orange tones.

The preparation of the composition with their hands out flowers it is necessary to consider not only the colour and shape of flower, but also to consider what is the purpose of the plant.

In bouquets, plants should be placed freely and easily, with grace. Size recommended bouquets from 5 to 50 cm in diameter.

A small flower arrangement called a corsage, diameter 5-7 cm, designed for attachment to the dress or hair. These flowers are from the garden of lilies, violets, sweet peas, daisies. For the background use the green of the asparagus fern.

Small bouquets of 20-25 cm in diameter harvested from tulips, carnations, greens, asters, lilies, peonies. The most common flower arrangement medium size 30-35 cm in diameter.

They are designed for room decoration or gift. For collective celebrations using flowers from 50 cm and more. Build them beautiful and valuable plants, using for the background of fern leaves or asparagus.

In the centre place spicate inflorescences or flowers, edged with small flowers.

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