Arecastrum — care at home


Home arecastrum plant that belongs to the palm family and comes from South America, has a thin trunk, feathery leaves grow up to 5 metres and collected in bundles of 5 pieces.

This plant is at a young age kept in the home, then when it grows, if temperature allows, taken to an open space (you can display to the country).

The apartment does not bloom, unlike the more Mature of the trees that grow outdoors.

Overall arecastrum refers to the unpretentious and not demanding plants.

As a houseplant, arecastrum grows best on the South side in good light.

The optimum temperature for this plant – +16-22 degrees. In winter it is desirable to maintain a not too high temperature, but not below 10 degrees.

Arecastrum preferably be planted in a special soil designed for trees. Young plants and a suitable composition of the earth: humus, leaf and sod components (equally) and sand (less than half). If arecastrum Mature, sod land should be more.

In the spring and summer watered abundantly, but not often, and in the fall and winter is temperate, with the need to ensure that the soil does not dry out.

Arecastrum loves a sufficient level of humidity. In order to support it, in summer the plant sprayed in the winter once a month you need to wash the leaves.

To dry air to make it more humid near the plant can be put in the pan filled with water with pebbles.

Traditionally, fertilizers are applied in spring and summer. For this purpose, suitable special for fertilizing palms, yuccas, dracaenas.

At a young age arecastrum transplanted every spring, more Mature plants in 2-3 years, with age, a transplant is required less often.

The plant is propagated by seeds: heat them a bit and sown in a mixture of peat, sand and chopped moss. Seeds germinate in about 2 months after planting in the ground.

Yellowing of leaves indicates that insufficient watering – the amount of liquid to increase plants and yellowed leaves are cut.

If the leaves have turned brown – this indicates lack of humidity. But if a tree drops lower leaves is likely not the problem – trees tend to get rid of them.

So the plant has acquired a beautiful shape, and the leaves grow evenly, the capacity periodically, you need to turn.

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