Ardiziya — care at home


Decorative foliage plant family mirinova.

This genus includes more than 800 species.

In natural climatic conditions can be found in the subtropics of Asia.

Ardiziya evergreen shrub, covered with bright berries.

As plants are most often found two types: Ardiziya crenate and wavy, but the latter is better suited to the content in the home.

It grows to 80cm in height, has glossy green leaves with wavy edges. The flowers are white with a cream shade, very fragrant.

Decorative fruit round shape bright red color. Blooms in the fall, at the same time, begins active growth.

Humidity and watering

Ardiziya loves high humidity, so the plant is periodically sprayed. In rooms with dry air it will feel good and even bloom, but the beautiful decorative fruit may not be or there will be very little.

Prefers moist soil, watering the plants is carried out regularly and abundantly, especially in rooms with dry air and heated.


When watering twice a month is recommended to add a comprehensive fertilizer for the flowers of this family.


Optimal in winter is about +16°C, in summer +20 — 22°C, but subject to regular airing and spraying.


Ardisia need to choose a well-lit spot, but away from the scorching sunlight. A great place is the windowsill, the window of which get only morning or evening sunlight.


It is best to propagate and grow this houseplant from seeds, since the rooting of cuttings is a very complicated procedure especially in the home.

Sowing seeds is carried out in spring in a prepared seed soil, you can buy it in the store. The temperature during germination was maintained in the range of 18°C.

After the appearance of the seedlings of the 4th leaf, they dive into separate containers with the usual floral ground.


Transplant ardiziya needed rarely, only when the root system has completely filled the earthen room, and will not fit in the flower pot.

Replanting carried out in the spring. In the same period, carry out pruning of the weak and damaged shoots, leaving only the lush and young people.

Diseases and pests

The main enemies of the plant are mealybugs, scale insects and aphids, they can cause great harm ardisia.

Fight pests with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol and the treatment is conducted with insecticides.

Excessive waterlogging of the soil can lead to leaf drop. Also common plant damaged chlorosis, which require the feeding of chelates of iron. The first sign of the disease is lighting the leaves.

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