Araucaria heterophyllous — care at home


The name comes from the Latin. Pseudostellaria Araucaria, or Norfolk pine — of the genus Araucaria family Araucaria.

They’ve done well at home.

It is an evergreen coniferous tree with long branches horizontally to form a crown in the form of a pyramid.

Leaves soft, needle-like, short 2 to 8 mm curved up in a spiral, light green.

Home to Araucaria heterophyllous considered Endemic to Norfolk island. In the wild reaches 60 meters in height.

But in the indoor environment grows very slowly and just grows from 90 cm to 1.8 m.

Araucaria requires a reverent attitude. Likes moderate temperatures of about +16°C to 25°C, bright lighting (a short-term stay in direct sunlight), high humidity.

With proper respect for the tree and good care houseplant lives for quite a long time.

Be sure to watch the humidity and try to always spray with water at room temperature.

But if the tree suddenly started to turn yellow and fall off the leaves, this suggests that you are overdone, or too dry or preobladali soil.

Do not place the pot with ephedra near the air conditioner and all kinds of heat sources.

The tree was transplanted mostly in the spring, 1 every three years or as needed when the pot becomes too small and begin to visible roots. In this case, take a pot 1 size larger than the previous one.

Araucaria grows well in hydroponics or any all-purpose blend of high quality. For constant moisture of the soil, you can use sphagnum moss.

Be careful that the spring and summer the soil was always moist, but in winter, reduce watering.

Feeding start to do in the spring and autumn period 1 every two weeks. You can use different mineral complexes designed for houseplants.

Trim the Araucaria is absolutely impossible, especially the upper and lateral growth buds. Remove any dead branches.

When you do this, be sure to use sharp shears that would not damage the bark of the tree.

Araucaria heterophyllous reproduces only by seed. But, unfortunately, the tree grows very slowly.

The most common affected ephedra mealybugs. Regularly inspect the tree and the detection of the pests immediately apply treatment.

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