Aquilegia planting and care

Aquilegia planting

To decorate the area Aquilegia is the most whimsical decorative plant.

The beauty of the flower you can see if you look close.

Columbines are also called «Orlik» or «water collector».

Data on how many there are varieties of the flower, distinguished but there are from 60 to 120 species.

You can say exactly what any gardener will choose for themselves the most beautiful. Despite the simplicity of Aquilegia, planting should be done correctly. And, of course, to see the whole beauty of Aquilegia, care must also be in compliance.

Planting plants

Soil composition for Aquilegia is almost not important, but grows best in average degree of humidity of the soil, loose and easy.

Therefore, planning the location of the suburban garden Aquilegia, planting is best done with the availability of good fertile soil or compost.

1 sq. m. is recommended to plant 10 to 12 trees (depending on variety). If the plant belongs to tall, the distance between the bushes is not less than 40 cm, the low a with a step of 25 cm.

Aquilegia tend to drop seeds. Self-seeding is not necessary to remove, because already half a decade old plant should be replaced with a new one.

Most often columbines are propagated by seeds, although this method is considered long. First, well loosen the soil, leveled, watered and lightly compacted.

Scatter seeds over the surface and sprinkle soil, it is desirable to use a sieve. Seeds should be planted in March.

Drop-off time

Around June the young shoots can be planted in the open ground, in this case, Aquilegia, landing need for growing. You need to make a shade for the seedlings to direct sunlight burned them.

On the main place of flower are planted in August or next year in the spring. The plant grows well in full sun, but flowering time is not long and the flowers are small and in light shade where blooms Aquilegia longer and larger flowers.

If the landing was made with seeds, the plant will bloom in the second year. Adult become in the third year.

Aquilegia – care

As with any plant, Aquilegia needs feeding, watering and removal of weeds. This is especially true of the period of active growth.

Flower loves frequent watering, but the root system is deep and moisture is almost absent, unless of course summer is not dry.

After each irrigation Aquilegia, care is reduced to tilling the soil. You need to fertilize twice during the summer season.

First, in the phase of active growth make 1 m2 25 gr. nitrate, 50 gr. superphosphate fertilizer, and 15 C. potassium salt.

Here and also add diluted in water mullein. For a square meters rather than 1 bucket feeding. Every year, you can pour fertile soil under each Bush.

Pests and diseases


Aquilegia care

This files most often on the surface flowers appear Cutworm, spider mites, aphids, rust, powdery mildew, various types of mottling.

If one of these symptoms is present, you should treat the plants with special preparations. But it is important that they were made on the basis of sulfur.

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