Aptenia — care at home


One of the most popular houseplants – aptenia.

She is loved by gardeners for its beauty and easy care.

This plant belongs to the family Asovich and came to us from South America and Africa.

It has a creeping fleshy stems and cordate leaves. It blooms small red flowers.

Aptenia relates to light-loving plants, in summer it grows well on the street, while calmly takes direct sunlight. If the contents of the room, from the direct rays in the summer it is better to protect.

In the warm season the optimum temperature for aptenia +22-25 degrees. In winter, it is better to put in a cool place (8-10 degrees). If the temperature in the room above, plants need more intense lighting.

Aptenia undemanding to high humidity, it grows well in dry air, but heaters should be kept away.

In spring and summer it requires moderate watering. In the winter it is better to reduce, so the soil had time to dry completely between waterings.

Fertilizer it is better not to overdo it – from spring to autumn it is sufficient to feed the plant fertilizer for succulents and cacti every month, winter feeding is not required.

Autumn aptenia need formative pruning in the spring it is better not to crop, as this will delay flowering.

If the roots of the plants grow and fill a large part of the pot, aptenia desirable to replant. Better to do it in the spring. Transplant to flower utilize the following composition: mix in equal parts grassy land and sand.

You can also use ready-made substrates for succulents and cacti, which are sold in specialized stores. Before filling the pot with earth at the bottom you need to make good drainage.

Reproduction aptenia produce cuttings or seeds. In the first case, the cuttings are prepared for planting: slightly podvyalivayut, keeping them in a dry dark place for several hours.

Then planted in a 5-7 inch pot, using a special rooting substrate, vermiculite or wet sand. For rooting cuttings of suitable water with activated charcoal.

For sprouting seeds aptenia sow them superficially in the sand or mixture of sand and substrate. After germination, seedlings pot placed on a bright place, maintaining a temperature of at least 21 degrees.

To the seedlings do not rot, irrigation should be moderate. Turn a month make the first pick. Grown seedlings planted in small pots.

To pests and diseases aptenia stand. Sometimes there are unpleasant symptoms: defoliation evidence of waterlogging or drying of the soil, the lack of flowering and a lack of lighting.

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