Apricot varieties — names and description

Sortie apricot

Apricot is a very popular, delicious and healthy summer fruit. Varieties of these heat-loving and drought-tolerant trees inferred quite a lot.

They all have maturing period is divided into early, middle and late. Consider the most popular varieties of all categories.

Early maturing varieties of apricots


  • «Alyosha«. Apricots slightly shiny, rounded, weighing up to 25g. Painted in bright yellow, glow have a point.

Pulp Sunny orange, dense, they taste sweet and sour. Great for any application.

  • «The Alliance«. High yielding variety of apricotswith increased winter hardiness. Bears fruit weighing up to 55g, oblong. The skin has a light yellow hue with a blush. The pulp is fibrous consistence, yellowish, sweet, with a slightly sour taste. In the use of this variety of apricot is universal.
  • «Veteran Of Sevastopol«. Resistant to frost and increased vitality. The fruits grow large (60-85g), oblong-oval, yellow with pink blush.

Inside is orange color, very juicy, sour-sweet taste. Well maintained transportation.

  • «June«. The tree gives an annual yield, different hardiness and resistance to some diseases. Apricots are round, slightly elongated, bright yellow, without spots.

Fruit of medium size to 40g. The flesh is bright yellow, thick consistency, a little juicy. Has a pleasant aroma, sweet with hints of acidity.

Middle-ripening varieties of apricots


  • «Altair«. The fruit of this variety of apricot are rounded, larger than the average size (up to 55g). Skin is painted in a light orange shade with a wide blush.

The flesh is deep orange, srednesrochnoi, slabovrajenna, has a light aroma and a soft sour-sweet taste. Apricots universal application. The tree has a good resistance to diseases, crop yields annually.

  • «Goldrich«. This variety produces very large fruit weighing about 90g, single copies reach 150g. Apricots are oval, orange with a dark blush. The pulp is dark orange, aromatic, dense and very juicy. It tolerates transportation.
  • «Olimp«. The variety is drought-resistant and heat-resistant. The fruits grow to 70g, and have a slightly bumpy surface. Peel apricots Golden-orange with a slight pink hue. The fruit flesh is orange, very dense, taste sweet and sour.

The variety has high portability and has a longer shelf life. Resistance to diseases is satisfactory.

Varieties of late ripening apricots


  • «Favorit«. The fruits finally ripen in late summer. The variety produces medium-size apricots (about 30g), rounded, shiny, deep orange with a beautiful glow.

Fruit pulp is very sweet, juicy, aromatic, with a bright orange tint. Excellent frost resistance of trees. The fruits do not always have time to ripen, especially with the advent of early autumn.

  • «Melitopol later«. This variety of apricots early, with good resistance of the kidney to frost. Gives medium-sized fruit Apricot varieties

    widely oval, light-orange color.

Without the fibrous pulp, typically orange in colour, medium-bodied, has a delicate aroma and a pleasant sweet taste.

  • «The spark«. Trees medium. Apricots rounded, slightly asymmetrical, bright orange with a pink blush. Weight to 45g.

The pulp has an orange color, good taste, pulp density increased. The use of fruit universal.

This is the most common apricot varieties, although there are many hybrids and varieties mixed with other fruits.

To obtain a sustainable annual harvest, it is important to choose the variety of trees, zoned to your region and to comply with all the rules of plant care.

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