Apple varieties for the garden

Sortie ablong for the garden

It is impossible to imagine a garden without an Apple tree which is very popular among gardeners.

Species and varieties of Apple trees a lot, vary the size of the fruit, its shape, color, taste and aroma.

Following are some popular varieties of apples.

Summer Apple varieties

The summer ripening varieties begins in mid or late summer.

These fruits are very tasty, but for a long time can not be stored. Most of these apples are subjected to a thermal treatment, for further storage.

Apple varieties Melba

This tree has a medium size. When the fruit is fully ripe, it has a reddish color. His flesh is very rich, milky color and has an intense flavor.

Taste sweet sour. The main harvest begins in late August.


A small Tree with luxuriant foliage. The flesh of this variety of Apple trees, slightly friable, white. The fruit has a sweet-sour taste.

The color of the Apple can have all the shades of amber, the value of the average fetus. The ripening of the fruit occurs at the end of summer or the beginning of August. Stored fruits are not more than a month.

Moscow Grushevka

Tree of impressive dimensions, but the fruit is rather small. The fruit has a pink color with a slight tint.

The fruit is juicy, fragrant, the flesh is frail yellow. The apples are sour-sweet taste. Harvesting is carried out in August. To store apples is recommended only a couple of weeks.


Apple varieties of medium size. Standard Apple varieties summer time. The crown has a flat roundish form. Fruit small, amber color with a red blush.

Apple is predominantly sweet with some sourness. The collection begins in late summer, and the fruits can be stored for up to three weeks.

Autumn varieties of Apple trees


A very well-known varieties of Apple trees, because it has a higher yield. One Mature tree may produce up to 300 kg of fruit.

But of course, this is only possible with proper care. Apple has a greenish color, but in the process of storage takes on a gentle Golden hue. The fruit is very fragrant, juicy. Taste is sour with some sweetness.


A tree of moderate size, as are the fruits. Apple sweet, rich and fragrant. Aging occurs in the first month of the fall season, and the fruits can be stored until spring.


The tree is medium. The fruits of Apple cultivars is small. The smooth yellow Apple with a red tint. Ripening occurs in August. Storage short just before winter.

Winter varieties of Apple trees


A small tree with a dense broad crown. The fruits have a greenish tinge, but over time, you find

Sortie ablong for the garden

a Golden-yellow color with red color.

Winter bees

Small tree. He has a small fruit, slightly flattened. The flesh is greenish, but has a rich sweet flavor.

Coloration is yellow with a green tint, but on the Sunny side of the fruit is covered with blush.

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