Apple for the North

Apple for the North

It is known that in the harsh regions of the North and Siberia of large-fruited cultivated apples do not grow.

In severe frost they freeze to the snow level.

This phenomenon prompted the people to hide in the trees under the snow.

Already well developed schemes for the formation of strancev, also called Arctic or Minusinsk, stanzani.

Of these trees the whole crown is tapered in the vertical direction, and takes only about 30 to 35 centimeters in thickness.

The crown is placed low above the ground, the clearance is only six inches.

In Siberia, large-fruited cultivated varieties of Apple trees, shaping wood with stanaway crown, and receive up to two hundred pounds of apples from the tree.

How to grow a Apple tree? Forming a seedling creeping forms should be the first year of life. Grow these trees in two ways.

First:the Annual seedling planted as usual in a vertical position and immediately severely cutting him, leaving twenty centimeters above soil level. In may and June shoots from the lower buds bends to a horizontal position.

You can first use believemy clothes pins to deflect shoots away from STUBICA, later pinch with metal hooks, sticking them in the ground.

Enough to hold the sprouts in three weeks. During this time they will travelnet and more will not change its position. To pin can be from one to five shoots.

The best option – three. This is the future skeletal branches.

In the future, you need to follow every growing escape and reject it to a horizontal position in free space.

If shoots very much, all the extra and thickening branches better Presidnet on the second sheet for the formation of fruit-bearing twigs.

In subsequent years, in July, you need to reject and pinch back the shoots, removing the tops.

Second:It differs from the first in that annual seedling planted obliquely at an angle of forty —

Apple for the North

degrees. It is not cut so short as in the first case.

All the branches of the crown decline to the horizontal, in the form of a fan (not a circle as in the first case).

Shale rootstock for Apple trees is most often used anthrax, a local berry tree, winter-hardy and adapted to harsh conditions.

Young trees with the onset of cold, it is desirable to temporarily cover. For shelter you can get thin foam and lay it between two layers of plastic film.

You can lay old rags, moss or newspaper glued at an angle of six layers. In addition, now on sale you can find special materials for thermal insulation of plants.

Such heaters can be used in the spring, during the return of cold weather, to shelter the blooming or formed buds of Apple trees.

In the fall, when you get a lot of snow, the cover can be removed, and sclancy to pour the snow, covering them completely in a thick layer.

In Siberia and other harsh parts of the country in stanaway form is grown a common in the Middle lane of Apple varieties: Antonovka, grushovka Moscow, Papirovka, Melba, Steppe beauty, Porcelain and others.

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