Anthurium – transplant at home, recommendations

transplant Anthurium

On the website «my favorite country» published several articles concerning Anthurium.

In this article we will discuss the nuances of this flower transplant.

Transplant the Anthurium is necessary to conduct immediately after the purchase in the store to pick up a suitable container, remove diseased and dead roots and add nutrients of the soil, to create favorable conditions for the growth of plants.

Later transplants carried out periodically as needed or for breeding.

Transplant Anthurium

Buying a home or country Conservatory, this beautiful flower, immediately get a pot under it and a special substrate.

The packaging shall be according to the internal volume at 1-2cm above the previous and, if necessary, and deeper. In the absence of soil for this plant, can be used universally for flowers.

Garden soil from the garden is better not to use. Also purchase a flower fertilizer.In spring and summer, transplanting the Anthurium is more painless for colors at this time they are full of vitality. Slightly moisten the soil and in a few minutes, remove the plant from the pot.


Be careful not to damage the root system shake, and inspect. All rotten and dead roots cut and sprinkle them with powdered charcoal.

If in the process, you will have to remove a large portion of the root system, it is best to transplant Anthurium in a container smaller.On the bottom of the pot be sure to put a drainage layer of expanded clay or brick chips, roots need a supply of air and water should not stagnate to exclude the decay of individual roots.Then, pour a bit of the substrate and gently, without breaking the roots, place inside the flower pot. Supporting the plant, add fresh soil, try to fill all the space between the root.

Lightly seal the soil near the Anthurium, ramming excluded.About ten days to protect the plant from direct sunlight. All this time, after a day spent irrigation leaves.

The first watering spend three days, warm (22 ° C — 24C)water. To feed fertilizer through 2 weeks.Also deal with the transfer of Anthurium need if capacity became for him a small or the roots began to break through the drain holes.

If this is not done, the flowering will decrease, and eventually, when the roots will quickly rot did die.If the soil showed a white film, also guide the transplanting of a flower, most likely it is excess minerals that can also lead to the death of Anthurium.The young plant up to four years of age are transplanted every year, more Mature Anthurium every 2-3 years.

To prevent inspection of the root system is preferably carried out every year from April to August, in case of a large number of roots also swipe a transplant of a flower in a larger pot.

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