Anthurium – how to treat at home

Anthurium - how to care

At home grow several varieties of Anthurium, they are distinguished by the color of buds and have differences in appearance.

The most common flowers are bright red with yellow pistil, rarely pink, white, Burgundy.

To care for Anthurium is not difficult, but to do it properly, and then the plant will delight you with its beauty for many years.

Anthurium care

Features of this flower that flowers virtually similar to the color of the leaves. The color of Anthurium is gaining gradually, as it happens quickly, is light-dependent. He loves the light.

If properly, even at home Anthurium can bloom year-round, some buds will replace the fade. Faded should be removed.

Pot Anthurium preferably positioned on the South-East or South-West window, if this is not possible, you need to provide colors additional local lighting fluorescent lamp.

On the North windowsill is not enough light, and on the South, the sun’s rays can burn the plants.

Having flowers, make sure there are no drafts and the temperature is below 17 ° C, otherwise the Anthurium will stop the development or may die. Optimally 19°C — 22 ° C.

Flowers need regular watering so the soil doesn’t dry out, but not excessive, moderate. It is necessary to constantly monitor. The water should be separated with optimal temperature.

Watering should be via the tray top and into the pot. In a dry place, you also need to spray the leaves, carefully, so water does not get on the buds.

Twice a month, conduct a top dressing complex fertilizer suitable for this crop. It is better to buy several varieties of fertilizers and alternate them.

Transplant the Anthurium in the home is often not necessary, if properly care for. Flower transplant is carried out only when necessary, when the plant needs to increase the area, usually in a year or two.

For planting flower to choose is too large, it is impossible, as will actively develop the root system, and flowering will be minimal, and in some cases the buds do not appear.

In the selection of soil must be taken into consideration to fit for this plant, or use a universal flower. Before landing at the bottom of the container it is necessary to pour a layer of expanded clay.

If you bought flower in the store and it should be transplanted into a new pot, remember that it needs to be larger than the previous by 1-2cm

Lump of earth with the Anthurium should be able to slide in the container, the distance to the walls should not be more than 2 cm of Free space, fill with soil and lightly tamp.

After transplantation during the first month feeding is not carried out, that the plant took root and strengthened. If the Anthurium properly, the plant will reward you with beautiful blooms.

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