Anthurium — Flamingo flower


There are legends about this beautiful and rather unusual plant.

Anthurium is an exotic plant and it is also called the Flamingo flower.

Most likely, it is required a certain similarity of forms and is not typical of other plants is elegance and nobility.

If we consider the genus of this flower (Anthurium) Anthurium has more than nine hundred species that are widespread on the territory of South and Central America.

The genus Anthurium is the largest genus belonging to the family Araceae.

Anthurium is an ornamental plant, are mostly terrestrial species, but also grow creeping and climbing species of this amazing plant.

Anthurium, mainly not characteristic of growing at home. Only two species of Anthurium are designed for this — Scherzer and Andre.

It should be noted that the leaves of this plant are large and shiny, have bright green color.

The plant is characterized by long petioles form and has an oblong plate, with massive stakes in the ground.

Blooming flowers presented by the inflorescence, where the head has a cylindrical shape and can be white or beige.

Large blanket has a bright color, it is leathery and presents a rich Shine with a metallic shade.

The color covers you can meet white with a pink tint and comes to dark red color. The flowering of this plant is long — it lasts over a month.

Cut flower of Anthurium can retain freshness up to a month, which gives the opportunity to use it in the preparation of elite bouquets for any celebration.

It is considered that the characteristic of Anthurium in the home to create a positive attitude


energy and to exert psychological influence on the person it comes from is bright and has a certain perfection of the species.

It can affect quite timid people, giving them more confidence, but rather immersed in their own thoughts, Anthurium will provide an opportunity to hear the manifestation of their feelings.

Colors tend to create a positive atmosphere in the environment.

But, to grow Anthurium in the house will not be easy, because many of these types of plants can grow only in a greenhouse.

Those who decide to grow Anthurium in the home, it is worth considering that the most suitable of Scherzer.

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