Anthurium – care at home


The birthplace of this plant are the American tropics.

Anthurium is one of the varieties of the family Araceae, which has over 800 species.

This herb, Liana varieties, epiphytic and proeperity varieties.

Anthurium at home is not difficult to grow, but it is important to know that it’s toxic.

Therefore, if the family has children, the flower need to be put in a safe place, so kids don’t have access to it.

Of particular danger are the very young leaves. Contact with them can lead to various negative consequences – vomiting, diarrhea, etc. the Plant is dangerous, so the child needs to be secure.

The choice of location

To plant grew well and bloomed successfully, it is necessary to allocate a place without direct sunlight. Anthurium should be placed on a light place. The most effective campaigns of the North-West side.

Temperature mode

Despite the fact that the Anthurium is a «guest» of the warm countries, don’t have to make room in desert conditions. In the summer the temperature should be from +20° — +25°,in winter +17°.


At home the plant grows in tropical humid forests, so it is important twice a day to spray it.


Water the Anthurium at home, copiously. The upper soil layer can be slightly dried up. Drying is not valid. But the water in the pot should not stagnate.

Waterlogging of the substrate is not allowed – the roots can rot.

That the plant bloomed in winter, watering beginning in September, save, but the humidity should be around 80%. The best option would be to use rain water.

If you are using tap, you need to defend and mitigate.


Dry air is not valid, so the humidity should build from 85 to 95%. Dry air affects the leaves. Can flower to impose a hygroscopic material and to carry out regular spraying.

In this ground roots will get moisture in sufficient volume, while aktiviziruyutsya growth.

Under the pot you can set the saucer and on the bottom lay gravelit. Leaf dust slightly damp cloth. During flowering it is important to avoid getting water on the flowers.


Fertilize in spring and summer — two feedings per season is enough. Bring once in two to three weeks. In the fertilizer should not be mineral salts and lime.


It is better to do at the end of February till autumn. During this period, the plant actively growing. But it is important to know that the leaves of the Anthurium are very fragile, so transplant carefully.

Anthurium – care at home

When transplanting the roots deepen a bit more than before.

Take a plastic pot, larger young plants are transplanted each year. Adult Anthurium sufficient to transplant 1 time in four years. If necessary, tie the stems to the support.

Anthurium prefers loose, slightly acidic soil. It is also recommended to use a hydroponic system.

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