Anthracnose — control measures


Among the numerous diseases of indoor plants, suburban shrubs, trees and flowers holds a special place Anthracnose.

The rapid spread and ability to hit the plant during the entire growing period, allow it to be regarded as dangerous and most common diseases.

Anthracnose — symptoms of the disease

Often the first signs of disease appear on the leaves of plants. They appear at first small, and then increase rapidly brown spots with finish.

The appearance of a purple color of the leaves indicates a quick spread of the disease and involvement of the death of the plant not only leaves but also stems.

With the beginning of this process, the nutrients cease to flow in the required amount in all parts of the plant.

The increased atmospheric humidity during this period causes the rot, and accelerates detrimental to the plant processes. In the end, all the leaves fall off.

If there is increased dryness during the disease, plants have broken stems and young shoots. To save him is almost impossible.


The cause of the disease is fungi class Coelomycetes. Their high persistence in the seed, the soil, the remains of diseased plants requires the use of special measures to care for a sick plant.

Anthracnose is easy to bring water for irrigation, soil not disinfected garden equipment and even through the air by wind and insects.

Bringing houseplants in the summer months to the open air, you need to take this into account and to regularly inspect their Pets. Weakened or damaged plants are in the first place.

Anthracnose — control measures

In the struggle for life of the plants from the disease Anthracnose is especially important preventive measures. Their origin is during a careful examination of the whole plant.

The question of landing in calcined and disinfected soil, and pot, no doubt, been solved previously.

Humidity 90%, temperature about 25°C, with a high level of soil acidity and deficiency of mineral elements, especially phosphorus and potassium accelerate the development of the disease.

If you have time to locate the spots only on the ends of the leaves can help the plant by removing the damaged parts and immediately sprayed with a solution of cuproxat, Axioma or copper oxychloride.

For this purpose, drugs called sandian M8, acrobat MC, Ditan M-45, Profit, Fundazol, Ambulance and others.

All removed parts of a diseased plant should be burned. The ability to retain its active properties in the soil for 5 years requires mandatory implementation of this process.

Agricultural event held during the period of treatment is reducing the volume of irrigation and

Anthracnose - control measures

spraying of plants.

Of course, it should be carried out for each specific flower in accordance with its requirements. It is important not to forget that the plant need to be isolated from others.

Most often disease are exposed to Anthracnose of citrus, palms, ficus, cyclamen, orchids.

Very sorry to part with her beloved plant, and therefore it is necessary to provide timely assistance as quickly as possible.

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