Anredera ( massengale) — care at home

anredera ( massengale)

Anredera serdtselistny or bosserelle basellaceae is two names for the same plants of the family bazelevich, whose representatives and can now be found in the wild in South America, Asia and even in Florida and Texas.

In the tropical forests of Ecuador and Argentina, the local population grows anredera for the tasty tubers called «fruit of the poor».

Anredera attracts gardeners to the fact that in a short time can form in the green screen room, and a balcony to shut the green wall as it grows with incredible speed – 1 meter per week.

And to build on the balcony a piece of rainforest with fragrant flowers, simply to the store to buy anredera the tubers and plant them in the flower pot.

And soon of tubers will begin to sprout powerful shoots that require supports. One tuber can give a few shoots with densely growing succulent, fleshy beautiful heart-shaped leaves.

During the vegetation period of the underground of the parent tuber forms a small daughter tubers that can be propagated anredera.

New plants can be obtained with the help of aerial tubers, which are formed on shoots in places of axillary buds.

Bosserelle flowering lasts from late summer to late autumn. White, small, delicate aroma of flowers arranged on long, to 25 cm, thin shoots that grow from the leaf axils.

Anredera – undemanding plant with a short winter rest. It is light-requiring, but can not tolerate direct sunlight.

The best place for it to be a veranda or balcony. In the plant room are best placed near the window, providing him support. Massengale propagated by cuttings or tubers. Cuttings root in a mixture of peat with sand.


During germination of tubers a moderate watering is carried out in the summer – a rich but dry soil, or when over-watering can rot the root tubers.

In the autumn watering gradually limited, and ceased altogether in the winter. Spraying of anredera not needed.

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 The temperature of the contents

The plant is extremely sensitive to low temperatures. Best is room temperature (+20° +22°C).

The soil prefers quality, namely soil mixture of peat, humus, sand and leaf (1:1:1:1).

Transplanted plants usually in the spring, very long shoots trimmed. In the spring and summer months anredera should be fertilized with organic or mineral complex fertilizers (every two weeks).

Pests anredera

To protect anredera from such pests as scale insects, aphids and spider mites once a month, the plant «bathe» in the soap solution.

Features of cultivation

If winter shoots bosserelle dried up a pot of it placed in a cool place. And with the onset of spring from tubers planted in large pots, since transplanting adult plants are undesirable due to the extreme brittleness of the shoots.

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