Annual flowers for garden

annual flowers for the garden. Lobelia

Annual flowers for the garden — these are annual plants that grow and bloom in the season of their sowing, some of them even produce fruit, but they can not tolerate the winter conditions of Central Russia, so have to sow each year.

Propagate annuals by seeds. Many of these flowers have a long growing period, because of this they have sown long before the beginning of the summer. In addition, early sowing will give the stronger seedlings and earlier flowering.

Cloves, Lobelia, begonia in January sown seedlings, and the verbena and asters in March. About the middle of April, begin to plant castor-oil plant, zinnia, Portulaca, Tagetes and Cosmo.

The seeds of morning glories, nasturtiums sown in peat pots with a special soil mixture. In open ground the plants are planted in may (to the seedlings did not suffer from frost).

Seedlings of annual flowers in the countryis grown about as well as seedlings of vegetables, a few differences.

Soil for flower seedlings, preparing in the fall. It should be loose and fertile, with the addition of coarse sand (Perigny, sod semla quite a bit of sand). You can also buy a ready soil for the flowers.

Boxes for sowing seeds in half fill prepared soil mixture and good throw with warm water pooled.

After that, the surface evenly dispersed planting material mixed with sand and top covered with layer of soil 0.5 to 1 cm In the thicker layer of soil annuals may not germinate.

Care for the shoots and seedlings of flowers is required and timely irrigation,

annual flowers for the garden. Dope

weeding and hoeing. When sprouts appear, the boxes should be put on the window sill on the Sunny side.

When the seedlings of annual flowers are strong enough, they need to dive in some peat cups.

The seedlings for 3 days is placed in partial shade, but then again stand on the Sunny side.

Before planting annual flowers for the garden in open ground, they need tempering. Gradually begin to stand on a balcony, if there is no frost.

Annual flowers have a different vegetation period. Begonias, carnation Chabot, Lobelia, verbena, petunias fringed, cineraria seaside (130-180 days), Chinese Aster, ageratum, tobacco, Phlox, marigolds are upright, Petunia (100-120 days), godetia, cosmos, marigold, mignonette, marigolds open, pretty (about 70 days).

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