Annona sugar Apple

Annona of luscita - shaunae Yabloko

This is a very beautiful fruit tree that will surely be of interest to gardeners.

Climatic features do not allow to grow it in Central Russia, but in a decorative Hanun can be found in the Caucasus, near the black sea coast.

Amazing fruit with a creamy taste similar to peaches, pineapples and mango, and the combination of fruit aromas and cinnamon just fine.

The most common type is a scaly deciduous tree. In some cases, grown as a shrub.

The tree grows up to a height of seven meters. Blooms yellow-green inflorescences, and fruits with unusual presentations of about 10 cm in diameter.

As indoor plants are usually grown species of Annona squamosal. At home it is difficult to get the fruit, the difficulties associated with pollination.

Care it is not demanding, the main time to conduct sanitary pruning, to remove branches thicken crown and loosen the soil.

Pollination in the home is carried out artificially. In the morning, collect pollen with a brush in a paper bag and placed in the refrigerator, and in the evening put it on the pistil of the same brush.


The complexity of breeding for gardeners lies in the features of this beautiful fruit tree. This observance of a temperature mode.

Annona likes a dry tropical climate and does not tolerate the slightest cold, and dies even at a temperature of -1°C.

Let’s talk about useful properties. Definitely need to remember that the fruits of the Annonas contain 12% sugar, and people suffering from diabetes need to limit consumption of fruit. As well this is due to the high content of carbohydrate and potassium.

Not to mention about the healing properties of Annonas. Decoction of the fruit lowers the temperature, decoction of the bark helps with intestinal upset, and the tea is recommended for edema.

The juice from the fruit very useful in jaundice and also helps for colds. And the fruits and the bark of this tree are of high medicinal properties due to high content of b vitamins, and iron, potassium and calcium.

Biological composition and trace elements. The Annonas high percentage of the edible weight is approximately 72% of the total weight, the sugar content can reach 22 %.

Annona ideal for cooking a variety of desserts. The pulp needs to be cleaned, remove the seeds and cut the fruit into two parts.

The taste is slightly reminiscent of pineapple and just melts in your mouth and goes well with fruit salads, juice added to ice cream and cocktails.

Try the sugar Apple to add to the salad, combined with various vegetables, this would be the perfect side dish to meat dishes.

History of Annonas is of interest, because it was known to the XIV century. In the distant and mysterious Peru were found the remains of this mysterious fruit.

Be sure to try the fruits of sugar Apple. Its taste is so unusual and varied that this tree was called the «Queen of the subtropics».

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