An artificial pond at the dacha with his hands

an artificial pond at the dacha with his hands

If You have decided to improve the design of the suburban area, and to achieve this goal is to place an artificial pond, it is first necessary to choose the place for its location.

An artificial pond at the dacha with his hands

Pond at the cottage is better to define such area where direct sunlight is shining no more 3–4 hours a day. This is required if you do not want to corrupted and «not blossom».

You can solve this problem by putting the edges of the artificial pond at the cottage, trees or bushes.

After determining the area on the cottage near the pond, you can start digging the pit for the pond. Very well, if he will have arbitrary shape, not to have the feeling of artificiality.

Don’t make an artificial pond with his hands deeper than 1 meter, otherwise with cleaning the bottom, you may experience inconvenience.

The walls of the finished pit, possibly aligned, if desired

an artificial pond at the dacha with his hands

you can do the stairs. After that, inside of the future reservoir, fit the rubber protector for the artificial pond. (sold in stores).

It is superimposed overlap, with subsequent gluing of the seams with sealant. The edges of this film should go to 1 meter over the border of your pond.

For the strength of the banks of the artificial pond is laid with a soft lath ( for plastering).

In the design of the reservoir and give it a natural, you can use river stones.

For laying river stones, you can prepare a mixture of cement grade 400 or higher. Laying starts from the border of the bottom wall of the reservoir.

Rethrownew uniformly prepared solution, is the horizontal platform, which stacked up the rocks to the shore. Joints between stones should be filled completely, so they didn’t fall off.

The sides of the artificial pond can be spread also of stone or other material. Inside side, you need to fix the edges of the film.

At your request, can the inside of the artificial pond to put the pump and filter to circulate and clean the water. Remember this artificial pond made by hand not intended for swimming.

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