Ampelnye plants — planting and care

Basket plant

Ampelnye plants have long, flexible shoots, which is a great decoration for home, office or cottage.

They owe their name to the German «ampel, which means hanging flower vase.

There are several types of basket plant: climbing, weak, mnogorazemny, creeping.

The first two types are called lianas. Due to air roots, they easily podcasts to the grid or the grid, reaching for him towards the light.

Creeping basket plant planted in containers, which are placed above the earth’s surface at a sufficient height, allowing them to freely descend.

These plants will look perfectly in the home flower garden. Most often they are used in vertical gardening apartments. Very impressive, these plants look on the walls, decorative stand, gratings, especially surrounded by other plants.

Very popular in the issue of landscaping of loggias, terraces curly types ampelnye plants. For this you need to plant them in long hanging boxes, baskets or twisting around grids which shade from the sun.

Before you fill the Windows with plants, you need to pay attention so they do not obstruct sunlight.

In the process of placing a basket of plants should be aware of the peculiarities of care. An important condition is to secure the hanging box on the wall so that the plant does not touch the wall.

Watering is carried out using the containers having long funnel. Ampelnye plants in hanging pots or baskets, more in need of spraying.

Not be amiss once a week to immerse them in water so that the moisture soaked into the soil. Transplanting is carried out annually in the new land. To avoid uneven growth of the leaves, the plant every week turn the different sides to sunlight.

Every year new species are summer flowering ampeli. They are characterized by a greater tolerance to growth in different conditions.

The most valuable varieties grow at a constant sun, withstanding the wind, still up

Basket plant

temperature changes.

This decorative culture around us are conditions often annual.

It is rapidly growing, blooms throughout the summer, within a short period of time is able to transform the surrounding neighborhood and garden in the place of the extraordinary landscapes that invite you to relax among a variety of colors.

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