Amaryllis care in the home


The plant family amaryllidaceae. The natural environment of growth: South Africa, subtropics.

To the family amaryllidaceae is a large number of ornamental perennials, which have a bulbous root.

The stem is missing, the plant’s leaves collected in the outlet is at the root.

The peduncle is only possible when there are periods of flowering and is a thick stem of cylindrical shape with the inflorescence on top.

The flowers in their form are very similar to Lily flowers with six petals are the right shape. A feature of this kind is the full stems.

A kind of Amaryllis – belladonna. Has a rounded, slightly elongated bulbs, leaves «remnevidnye shape, the length of which can be up to half a meter.

Stems can reach a height of 60 cm, has a thick base. The inflorescence of the plant is an umbrella in which the number of flowers can reach 12 pieces with a diameter of about 10cm.

Varieties differ in the coloring. Blanda and Gator have white flowers, Maxim pink and Purpurea purple.

Amaryllis can sometimes be confused with Hippeastrum-IOM, very popular potted plant. These types really are a very close relative of and very similar to each other. The main difference is the number of flowers that has the inflorescence, density of inflorescence and flowering time.


Hippeastrum blooms in late February and Amaryllis only in late summer. Amaryllis is a dormant period in autumn and winter.

The care of these plants the same, so this error will not lead to dire consequences. It should be noted that Amaryllis is easier to tolerate deviations from the norms of optimal care.

The content of the Amaryllis: this Plant rather capricious. The best place for keeping cool are the rooms on the South side.

The lighting is necessary only in the active growing season of plants, in autumn and winter, good lighting is required.

The average temperature of the contents is equal to normal room temperature, only in times of peace, since the first of November, the plant must be transferred 6 weeks in a cool place, reduce watering and reduce fertilizing.

The plant is not demanding to the soil. Can be planted in any standard soil mix. Moderate watering needed. In the summer, enough to water 2 times a week, and in winter, 1 in every 8-10 days for 6 weeks.

Spraying Amaryllis needs, but a positive responds. Therefore, it is recommended to periodically spray. For feeding it is best suited solutions of organic fertilizers.

Minimal care is in compliance with such a regime as follows: watering abundant in summer, 1 time in 2-3 days, in the winter 1 time per 10 days.

For feeding they use mineral sticks. The process of transplanting Amaryllis should be held not less than once in two years.

Reproduction occurs by seeds and bulbs. During the life of the plants had to regularly appear additional bulbs. Possible problems arising in the content.

This problem can be attributed to the lack of flowering, which is a consequence of the violations of the regime of the Amaryllis, and that is incorrect observance of rest mode or the apparent lack of soil nutrients.

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