Alpine slide their hands

Alpine slide their hands

Some growers hold the land in order to just grow a crop, not bothered with all sorts of full of details.

Although the craving for aesthetics and rational perspective on many things begin to predominate over the gray.

When garden designer decorated, and the work goes well and in good spirits. So do not be superfluous ridges, flower beds, rockeries, Alpine slide fit into the local landscape.

Such natural «interiors» is especially necessary on uneven sections, to hide the lack of relief. Particularly interesting are the bumps turned into the rockery with their hands.

How to make the Alpine slide their hands

Even if the site has «strict horizontal», create a rocky flower garden independently. A lot of effort it will require. You just need to follow some rules.

If the slide, so there must be bias. In this case, the slope should be South oriented with a slight deviation to the West or to the East.

The dimensions of the Alpine slides are directly dependent on the area of the whole garden plot (there is such a thing as projection). Optimal size: S = 5-10 sq m, h = 0,5-0,6 m.

The material for creating the rockery with their hands can be different: limestone, granite, travertine, limestone, natural stones.

The variety of stones can also ruin the artistic composition. Therefore, the slide must be stones of the same type.

The shape of the stones may be flat and volumetric. The main thing that they were different sizes. A large number of very small stones will create a boring monotony.

More interesting to watch Alpine slide in the presence of several large boulders.

Creating the rockery with their hands

Choosing a place under the Alpine slide, you need to define the area where it will be located. Then gently remove the top fertile layer of soil.In the resulting mini-excavation mound of broken bricks, slag or crushed stone (gravel), forming a mound of the desired height. If the rockery is high, it is recommended to do a Foundation of concrete.

Having built the Alpine slide the desired shape, cover it removed before this sod layer. But first you will need to delete out all the weeds (with roots).

If the soil is not fertile enough in the soil to add fertilizer. Below the soil is kept on a slope, it needs to be sealed.

Now you can decorate the hill with stones. Too large boulders it is best to «drown» one-third into the ground. Among the stones planted plants.

How to decorate Alpine slide

Choose plants need based on their preferences elevated seats. Will look great creeping and low-growing crops: burachok, young, crocuses, hyacinths, sedums.

As the Alpine slide will need to decorate from all sides, to the attention

Alpine slide their hands

should take and love of plants to the shade.

Because the North side will have to plant flowers in the shade. On other slopes and on the top will naturally grow lovers «bathe» in the sun.

The effect of decoration will help to create and large-sized plants planted in places on the hill.

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