Alpine hill at the dacha with his hands

Alpine slide their hands

Very fashionable and also well to have in your house or gardening area, Alpine slide.

It is in this place the body is able to relax to fully enjoy the peace and get a boost of energy.

Many gardeners think that the construction of the Alpine slide complex case, but is it, you need to understand.

In fact, when the desire and capacity to build a rock garden in just a few days. One only has to know some points that will be discussed further.

First we need to think about where will be located the Alpine slide. The place must be bright and visible from all sides. After all, this is the future pride of the garden and place it in the shade or away from the eyes is not advisable.

Because the rock garden is a small piece of nature, but created artificially, then he should fit in harmoniously into any landscape. The best place is the South side.

The construction of the rockery should have a Foundation drainage system. If this will not, then in time the soil will sink under the influence of rain or melting snow, which clearly is not desirable and certainly not aesthetically pleasing. The lack of drainage when creating the Alpine slide is a major mistake.

So, first on the ground, remove the top layer of soil and dig a trench half a meter deep. At the bottom of the stack crushed brick, crushed stone or expanded clay.

The top layer is poured fertile land, which can consist of peat and coarse sand, soil, fine gravel, or gravel.

In nature, Alpine hills are composed of basalt, Sandstone, granite, limestone, tuff. Laid out the stones to your liking, but make sure their placement goes for height – the highest far.

Between the stones leave room for planting. The placement should be symmetrical, but chaotic too, should not be expanded.

For the Alpine slide are inherent in the stones of large size, boulders of irregular shape, which makes the song more attractive similar to a natural analogue. The stones are a little deepen, so they are not staggered.

As for plants, there are stones not all flowers grow well. For the Alpine slide are mainly chosen by wild flowers, such as violets, saxifrages, Narcissus, forget-me-nots and others.

Also look beautiful plants of the family supercardioid – ramonda, haberlea, yankeya. They look very elegant on a background of stones. When choosing plants should be chosen taking into account the flowering period. Flowers to decorate the garden with their blooms, from spring until late autumn.

The natural Alpine hill will add cyclamen, backache, Soldanella and gentian.

Alpine slide

In early spring, not yet bloomed flowers, a slide will decorate conifers. Is an indispensable juniper, arborvitae and mountain pine. They are best set in tubs, and watering is conducted separately.

Care of slide is that in extreme heat the plants must be periodically watered, weeded weeds and to fertilize.

The composition can be overwhelming if its perimeter to plant green carpet of turf grass. It will only emphasize all the beauty of the slides.

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