Aloe – the agave at home


As plants most often found in aloe arborescens. The second name «century plant».

It appeared most likely due to the fact that flowering, especially in the home occur rarely.

Tall aloe can be different from 30 cm to 1 m and above. Grows slowly.

The leaves of the plant are triangular, with spines on the edges.

Generally at home in the natural conditions, blooms every year, producing predominantly big Reds, there are more than 300 species.

Aloe Vera juice is known for its useful and medicinal properties, so widely used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food industry and so on.

For growing aloe Vera at home, you need to buy soil mix with the addition of charcoal. Also be sure good drainage. You can’t make peat, it has a negative impact on the roots of plants.

In the summer it is recommended to take aloe Vera on your favorite country and planted in open ground or put on the loggia, the balcony, the main thing that the place was well lit and protected from the rain. Watering is moderate, in winter rare, and ambient temperature from +9°To +12°.

Care of aloe is simple, the plant is not fastidious and quietly tolerate short-term drought. Most importantly to provide good coverage, and in the summer to cover up from direct sunlight.

Aloe light, the optimum daylength of 12-14 hours. It is recommended to pour warm water supernatant.

Spraying the leaves do not need to spend. Feeding is carried out 2 times a month with fertilizer for cacti or succulents.

Aloe is propagated in several ways: cuttings, seeds, shoots and tips of shoots.

If you purchased seeds, just sow them in a soil mix, pour and cover with polyethylene. After germination, two weeks, let’s put them in a separate small container. Through the year, you can carry out transshipment of plants in larger dishes.

You can just have friends to cut a cutting from a favorite plant. Dry it a couple of days in the shade, while sprinkled the cut with charcoal.

Landing can be made in sand, pre-moistened with it. The shaft deepening is not more than 1cm. Soil mix is the same as for adult plants. The top shoots and the shoots grow just as well.

Aloe is very rarely affected by pests, but nonetheless, disease, root rot and dry rot can accompany the plant for a long time, although this problem can be easily avoided by proper plant care.

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