Allamanda — care at home


Allamanda is an evergreen vines and shrubs from the dogbane family that grows in the tropics of South, Central and North America.

It is a rare and exotic plant with beautiful flowers, which need heat and high humidity.

The flowers of this plant bright large (up to 12 cm in diameter).

Wild plants of several types, but divorced many cultural forms which have become independent.

«Alamanda cathartic» – a climbing evergreen plant that grows up to 6 meters in length, large leaves elongated shape are arranged oppositely, they are naked, only the bottom pubescence along the veins. Yellow flowers with white base tubular form collected in the upper part of the shoots.

«Allamanda oleandomitina» is a climbing shrub with overhanging shoots, height of about 90 cm.

Leaves acuminate, about 12 cm long, dark green above and light green below, held on short stalks. Yellow small flowers (diameter 5 cm) are at high stalks.

Allamanda requires special care. She loves well-lit area, with a small portion of sunlight.


In summer the plant a suitable room temperature without drafts. During the winter rest period, it is desirable to keep the temperature of 16-17° C.

The dry air here – the humidity should be at least 70%. Therefore, the Allamanda is necessary to spray or put the pot on the wet clay, but not in water.

To water this houseplant need good, but not waterlogged soil. Reduce watering in winter, and spend only when the topsoil dries out.

In spring and summer the Allamanda every month, fed fertilizer for indoor plants. Young plants are transplanted in spring every year and adults every 2-3 years.

Grunt doing this: turf, 1 part leaf soil, 2 parts humus, 1 part peat 2 parts sand and 0.5 part of.

After flowering shoots should be cut at half height, just above leaf nodes. And as necessary trim the excess or weak shoots.

To propagate Allamanda and cuttings and seeds. Sow seeds in damp soil, cover with glass and put in a warm place, a month and a half for them to sprout. Cuttings of 10 cm length are planted in wet sand and put the heat.

The main pests of Allamanda aphids, spider mites, whiteflies. If the soil is very wet, it may appear fungus – black leg.

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