All the secrets of growing peas in the country

pea cultivation

The cultivation of peas in the country, mainly for the use it is at the stage of technical maturity, that is green.

Taste of ripe grains a little like me.

Also, many gardeners – gardeners, frozen peas for the winter to add to salads.

Varieties of peas a large quantity, and they are divided into: early maturing (55 days from germination), mid-season (about 65 days), medium (80 days) and late (approximately 100 days).

So, if your assortment to have a few different varieties any the entire holiday season starting from the end of June, you can feast on this product.

You can grow peas one variety, but to sow his portions with an interval of 10-14 days.

Choosing a place to land, this culture likes fertile, loose soil, sun and moisture.

On compacted and acidic soils growing hard, depressed. Some stairs are due to the weak root system can die, keep this in mind and at harvest to chance with the pod not to pull the plant completely.

Peas are cold-resistant culture, depending on weather conditions it is possible to sow the seeds from may onwards.

Preferably before seeding peas to soak so they are swollen, then quickly go to growth.

You can sow and dry, but regardless of the fit options, you must have a well to water the garden with water, and within a few days to make sure the soil does not dry up.

But before to do planting and cultivation of peas, you must prepare the soil. Perekidyvaem the bed floor to a depth of bayonet spade, making every square meter of the mixture: 1vedro humus, 1st. a spoonful of superphosphate, 1st. a spoonful of potassium and 2 Cup of wood ash.

Or make a complex fertilizer with a high content of potassium. After digging, you need to make a patch, mash all the lumps and preboreal. Well watered.

Immediately before sowing if the soil is dry, watered to gentle moisturize, and prepare the wells with a depth of 5 cm, at a distance of 10-15cm. from each other.

The hole is very convenient to cook a round shelf diameter slightly larger than the seed. Decompose peas and prosypayutsya top soil, again, should be abundantly watered.

After emergence, inserted wooden pegs which

pea cultivation

will serve as a support for growing peas.

When you reach a height of 20cm., plants which are not caught on the pegs, must be tied. If you have low-growing varieties, it’s possible the bearing is not required.

The pods that have reached technical maturity, you need to break off, if not, the formation of new stops, and all the power the plant will throw at maturation increased.

Leave the required number of selected pods to full maturation, then the next season, you will be provided with pea seeds.

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