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infrared sauna

In recent years, in Russia and abroad there was another novelty in the field of saunas — infrared sauna very quickly won popularity with consumers and fans of saunas.

Infrared cabins are gaining in popularity even in lovers of Russian baths and Finnish saunas — these supporters of health benefits.

Below we give answers to the questions benefits of infrared sauna and how it gained its popularity.

Microwave and ultraviolet radiation very harmful effect on human health of radiation varies much above $ 400 µm, and the thermal radiation is based on electromagnetic oscillations from 0.7 — 400 µm, and absolutely does not harm the human body.

It is on thermal radiation based infrared cabin, allowing very quickly to deliver heat to human body.

Consider the principle of operation of a conventional furnace for the bath, in which an electric or wood-burning stoves — first of all, the air gets heated and then the heat penetrates into the human body — this process is lengthy, infrared cabin and much more efficient.


Soft action heat waves are strictly given length. They gently penetrate into the human body, in the perfect absence of steam and air.

As we know, regular saunas and wood burning stove keep the temperature anywhere from 80 to 120 degrees, and the air influence extends only to the upper layers of the skin.

High temperature very often creates discomfort, and sometimes even negative effects — breathing difficulties, skin burns, burns of the respiratory tract, dizziness, and just fatigue or weakness.

Very humid air is not a very good medium for oxygen supply to the heart muscle, which eliminates the possibility of sauna use, people with heart and vascular disease.

In this case, an infrared sauna, will keep the air temperature at level not above 60 degrees, air heating accounts for 1/5 of the released energy.

The use of these cabins is absolutely harmless to human body, completely eliminates any inconvenience, there is only the comfort and the full enjoyment of the procedure of taking a sauna.

The rays of infrared cabins deeply warm the body, respectively have effect and contribute to treatment of injuries and various diseases.

People of different age prefer infrared saunas because they temperature doesn’t matter much — this cabin can be visited to prevent even people with heart and vascular disease.

Unlike conventional bath body burden in the infrared cabin is very slight, and the action is much better.

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