Albizia — care at home

albizia silk

Albizia (Albizia) indoor decorative foliage plant of the family milosovich.

Natural habitat – dry subtropics.

Under natural conditions, albizia refers to flowering trees with pink flowers.

Due to the fact that it grows slowly, growers cultivate it as a shrub.

Among the most common fans of «albizia silk«.

Albizia silk

The leaves of the plant are large, long (up to 30cm) that vaguely resemble the leaves of an acacia. In the winter the leaves fully or partially fall off. Stems erect.

At home it blooms very rare, the exception. Care albizia, simple silk, and the plant will feel good if you provide him with a comfortable winter.

During the winter rest he needs low temperature. I have albizia winters on a glazed and heated balcony.

The optimum air temperature should be within +10 º C to +12 º C, the most important is not below +3 ° C and not above +15 ° C.


Even in summer albizia prefer a cool room, so to choose a site for its content will have to work hard.

Favorable location with views of the South. The plant is fairly light, but does not tolerate bright light.

From the scorching sun, it should definitely cover. It is better to provide a good artificial lighting with fluorescent lamps.

Picking up ground in the store, better to give preference to the universal soil mixture for indoor decorative-deciduous plants.

In General, albizia face is not demanding on the soil. Just make sure that the soil was not compacted and was always loose.

Watering this houseplant is carried out from spring to autumn, temperate and regular in the winter, the volume of fluid and the frequency of watering reduced. Spraying is not carried out.

The plants are transplanted infrequently, only as necessary, in this regard, albizia it is desirable to feed complex fertilizer each spring, or in the case of occurrence of deficiency symptoms of nutrients.

Form a crown and branching of albizia silk by trimming, it looks great and the slender wood, and in thick Bush.

Reproduction occurs by seeds, which are sown in spring in seedling box and regularly watered.

With proper care the seedlings appear in a couple of months. In winter, the plant must necessarily rest if it does not, in a few years it will die.

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