Agrotechnics growing carrots and care

growing carrots

Carrot is one of the most cultivated root crops in the garden, in the country.

The plant is a biennial, frost hardy, can be planted before winter.

In the first year formed the roots and part of stems. Carrots are rich In vitamins b, B2, carotenoids, ascorbic and Pantothenic acid, flavonoids and so on.

For growing carrots, suitable light fertile soil.

Bad dug in the clay soil with the presence of dense clumps and roots, carrots grow crooked.

Introduction chemical fertilizers are not very desirable.

Varieties available for selection are many, so that each gardener can pick out the most suitable climatic conditions, shape, size and color

Carefully read the instructions on the bags, just keep in mind that early varieties are stored worse.

Growing carrots and care

Agricultural cultivation of carrots, simple. Requirements to the soil it is not large.

Can sow in the autumn (not intended for long-term storage, only for early consumption), in the spring after the snow melts (usually in late April — early may) and in June (period, the end years of the pest, the carrot fly).

Regardless of the time of sowing, the soil for cultivation is prepared in the fall. On the site is carried out deep digging with manure and thorough crushing of earth clods.

Fresh manure is added no earlier than six months before planting, it contributes to the accumulation of nitrates and reduces the storability of the crop. If you use for sowing seeds of carrots granulated, they must be prepared.

In planting material is found a lot of duds. In order to weed them out, you can benefit in two ways.

First-with the ebony sticks, enough to drive her over the seeds and the will to stick to it.

In the second method, carrot seeds need to be put in the water, the bottom falls fit for sowing. After this procedure, they should be dry.

Just before planting the seed should be soaked in water (+45-50 ° C) for 30 minutes. Light-requiring culture and prefer high beds.


growing carrots

to grow carrots and perimeter garden beds with garlic and onions. Next to the cabbage and after planting is not recommended, the plant becomes the oppressed.

Sowing seeds in furrows or holes to a depth of 0.8-1.2 cm Safely tolerate frosts to -6ºs begins to grow at +3 ° C., and at a temperature of +12 ° C. germinate together.

During the cultivation of carrot for her to take care.

After some time, it is necessary to conduct thinning, the freed sections of the tamp, and pour the whole bed, the same should be done after weeding.

The optimal distance between plants and 4.5 to 5 cm, preferably, abundant Watering in two stages.

First loosen the soil between the rows, and then moistened the ground and wait until the water is absorbed, then watered thoroughly. This should be done in the evening.

The first fertilizing is conducted in June infusion of weeds, the second in two weeks wood ash (1 Cup per 10 liters. water).

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