Agricola – fertilizer for houseplants

Agricola – fertilizer

Regardless of whether you are an experienced grower or just beginning to «grow into» flower beds on the window sill, you don’t always have the time to care for their Pets.

And here come to the aid of improvised means, such as a universal fertilizer. Agricola among them occupies the last place.

Agricola – the properties of the fertilizer

Under a single brand name (single name) often are drugs with broad spectrum of fertilizing berry bushes or vegetable crops, fruit trees or yard flower beds.

For use in more specific cases, you should pay attention to the packaging. There are special drug Agricola – fertilizer for houseplants.

Since it is a universal tool, it will affect not only the active growth of the plant:

  • Flowering specimens abundantly buttonsyou.


  • There is a complete recovery podvyadshie plants.


  • Colors become more vivid and fresh.


It is not surprising — Agricola, fertilizer is a clean drug, not contain any harmful elements and heavy metals.

On the contrary, the whole composition of the components is selected in such a balanced way that Agricola organically «fit» in the life of any indoor plants at any phase of its development.

It is not only the strengthening of the immune system, but also observed repelling pests.

Kinds of shapes

Agricola, fertilizer can be used in various ways: by spraying houseplants or added to the soil during irrigation. In the sale there are drugs different forms of release:

  • The liquid composition is Packed into small plastic cans and has a certain concentration. This drug affects more active and is a real stimulant of growth of indoor plants.


  • Dry fertilizer in powder form packaged in sachets. Methods of use and dose of the withdrawal of the drug listed on the package. Is also good for plants, but has a slow period of influence on it.


  • Agricola, fertilizer in the form of sticks is considered among the growers the best option for feeding, because it acts slowly and gently, but quite effectively. Agricola – fertilizer


  • Stuck in the ground near the roots, it gradually over 2 months, reports to the plant all available in fertilizers macro — and micronutrients.

Any of the described forms is effective and harmless. But what better use can expect their conditions to care for each of houseplants.

One, for example, plants recommended feeding only by the pallet (that rules out agricolovo sticks), others are contraindicated for irrigation, unpretentious and willing to do any farming.

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