Aglaomorpha — care at home


Aglaomorpha – a rare houseplant, but true lovers of ferns it is always possible to meet.

Aglaomorpha originally from the tropical forests of America.

This fern is an epiphyte (a plant that grows on another plant) from the family adietovich.

There are more than 200 species of this fern, but most often in the home grown aglaomorpha Meyen.

It usually grows in the Philippines and Taiwan. Also popular with our producers and aglaomorpha koreanovela, its other name, crowned. These ferns is very high, can reach a height of 1-2 meters.

From the hairy rhizome, which, it resembles the paw. In addition, the plant has fronds (lystopadovyi body) of two types.

Some are sterile, are at the bottom and resemble oak. Other in themselves enter into disputes, by which the plant reproduces. They are pinnate, with lobed ends.

They can be as large as 80 cm have bold, bright green color. Ferns have no flowers sometimes, but the beauty of the leaves makes them no worse than blooming companions.

This plant is propagated by division and spores. Those who grow ferns, suggest to propagate it by division.

For this we need to divide the plant so that both parts were leaves and roots. We should not forget about the point of growth. It also needs to be on two stems.

Spores to multiply aglaomorpha much harder. For this they must first collect and then grow to a certain capacity under the glass. Constantly it is necessary to ensure that the ground was wet.

Aglaomorpha very Moody about lighting. She does not like direct sunlight and full shade.

It must be kept in diffused light or partial shade. In bright Sunny days is recommended pritenyat plants.

This fern loves the heat, so in winter the temperature should not fall below +18 degrees, and even better maintain the temperature in the region of +20 degrees.

When watering is necessary to be careful. Aglaomorpha should not be dry, but not to stand raw. In the winter you need to reduce the number of waterings. The plant requires spraying as it likes moist air.

Fertilizer for plants is better to dissolve it in water for irrigation should be warm and soft.

You can buy universal fertilizer, you can prepare from minerals and organic matter.

You need to feed in the spring and summer twice a month.

Should not be transplanted ferns for no particular reason. This is recommended only when the plant becomes old small capacity.

If often and abundantly watered aglaomorpha, it can affect root rot.

Also, the plant is subject to attacks of aphids, mealybug and scale insects, so for him needs constant care.

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