Ageratum (Ageratum) — care at home


Annual and perennial shrubs, and herbaceous plants of the Aster family(Asteraceae). Homeland – Mexico.

The nature of Ageratum found mainly in Central and North America and Eastern India.

Plant long lasting freshness and blooms from may to October.

Bushes erect, spreading, a height of from 10 to 60 cm Leaves petiolate, dentate. Smaller flowers are made up of smaller inflorescences, uzkotrubchatye baskets that are tightly stacked and collected in loose corymbose inflorescence.

Painting a variety of colors: white, pink, blue, purple-blue. Plant photophilous and drought-resistant. Kind of Ageratum comprises from 40 to 60 species.

Some of them are grown as annuals in summer gardens, perennial species are suitable for pot contents at home.

Numerous species and varieties of Ageratum differ in the color, timing of flowering, shrub height, shape of flowers and leaves.

Dwarf varieties of this plant up to 15cm are referred to collectively as ‘pumilum’. Variety of 30cm known as ‘nanum’.

The optimum temperature for the content of ageratum at home has a big range from 18 ° C to 30 ° C. Moderate watering.

Sowing seeds of ageratum produced in late March-early April, in flower pots, in suburban areas in the greenhouse.

For germination you need to ensure adequate coverage. The first shoots appear after 2 weeks, and after 20 days they dive in separate containers.

Seedlings of ageratum not tolerate preobrajenski, so watering is necessary to be careful and often ventilate the area.

In the open ground seedlings are planted after the frost, pre-sakalu her in the fresh air.

The first blooms appear after 2 months. Varietal purity of seed is not more than 80%, therefore, the homogeneity of the material for planting, propagate Ageratum growers prefer cuttings.

The Queen cells are kept until the end of February in a cool place. Grafted begin in March in boxes with sand, sawdust or soil.

When the temperature rises to 22 ° C, the cuttings take root quickly, they usually stay the same in habit and stunted.

At home is not less than other plants require spraying and transplanting.

Ageratum likes a soil mixture consisting of compost, loam, sand and leaf soil in equal proportions.

Fertilizing in the spring and summer complex fertilizers for flowers. Faded blossoms should be cut off permanently.

The main pests of Ageratum: spider mite, whitefly, nematode. Of the diseases the plants are prone to root rot, cucumber mosaic virus and bacterial wilt.

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