Agapetes — care at home


Agapetes is a very beautiful flowering plant that is often used for decoration of premises.

The structure of flowers and stems can be used as a basket plant, that is in the suspended state.

There are more than hundred types of agapetes, but, unfortunately, in Russia it is cultivated only two of them – agapetes serpentine and agapetes sensitivity.

The rest do not survive because of unsuitable climatic conditions.

This flower loves the light, so it’s better if he takes his place on the West or East windowsill. It is not recommended to grow agapetes on the South side.

Although, if you have the ability to constantly observe the flower and create a spring and summer during lunch hours shading, you can put it on the window facing South.

Agapetes prefers cool in the winter. It is desirable that the temperature was no more than 15 degrees, otherwise the plant may not bloom in the spring.

If you are unable to provide flower such temperature conditions, it will be easier to cover with glass or plastic.

This plant has the ability to accumulate moisture in the tuber, therefore, it does not require frequent watering.

It is recommended to water only when the top layer of dry earth is covered with a crust. In winter, watering can be called poor.

But during growth and abundant flowering plant needs no spraying. In this period, to humidify the air around him.

Don’t forget about fertilization. To do this it is necessary in the spring and summer. So the plant was more lush and better blooming, make the topping the top.

The flower is propagated by seeds and cuttings. However, the cultivation of agapetes on the windowsill seeds do not have time to ripen. Therefore, to be more productive propagation of cuttings.

Sprouts can be planted in peat tablets with the addition of sphagnum and keep there until they be rooted. To make this process as fast as possible, you can use a mini-greenhouse heating. The heat from the cuttings of agapetes will not give up.

This plant is quite disease resistant and low maintenance. In addition, it is considered a magical flower with red petals arranged in the form of a brush.

That is why it is of such interest and popular with the fans of indoor crop production.

Of course, in the home is rarely possible to wait for the fruit of agapetes, but the beauty of flowering plants redeems this regrettable fact.

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