Agapanthus — care at home


Agapanthus are very popular houseplant in Russia, though a native of South Africa.

Often it is called the African Lily, and even an Abyssinian beauty.

In the language of the Greeks, its name means » flower of love.

In southern latitudes agapanthus adapts well to environmental conditions and can grow in open ground in the country.

Even in winter it is not necessary to transfer into the house. In the middle lane agapanthus are best grown at home, only in the summer can be transplanted into the ground.

Or better yet, make the pots outside, as this plant does not like transplanting.

For the same reason pot is necessary to choose a larger size so that the root system of the flower develops quite quickly. If it is spacious, hence, it will blossom magnificently.

When planting flower definitely need to take care of the drainage, which should be laid on the bottom of the pot. The best soil mixture will be turf, leaf soil, sand and humus.

Can add clay, it will help to retain moisture. Also waterproof is recommended to add a bit of charcoal. Cultivated plant seeds.

After landing, creates a greenhouse effect, but occasionally it is necessary to raise the foil and air. You can plant agapanthus in the peat pill, and when it begins to germinate, transplant into a more fertile land.

In the process of transplantation of the plant can be divided. It is necessary to cut roots, later sections of the place dry. Immediately after planting the soil, preferably not too wet.

Only when you notice that the flower started to grow, you can start a full watering. Young flowers generally recommended to transplant every two years, and Mature – times in 5 years.

It is necessary to remember about feeding. Better make them a couple times a month, alternating organic and complex fertilizers.

In late summer it is desirable to use a liquid fertilizer for houseplants. If in the summer you carried the plant outside for the winter should put him in a room.

Although in the southern regions it is allowed to leave to spend the winter flowers in the ground, previously covering them. In winter water the agapanthus should occasionally. The temperature should not be below 10 degrees.

It is necessary to protect the plant from pests. In the apartment they may be scale insects and spider mites. The detection of lesions of the leaves to treat them with a solution of soap and water or apply actellic.

It must be said that the roots of the agapanthus is very useful in diseases of the stomach or intestine. Thus, growing these flowers, you combine pleasure with the useful.

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