African violet care

African violet care

African violet is one of the most beautiful flowers home.

Saintpaulia or African violet is an absolutely undemanding plant.

You only need to create it favorable conditions similar to their natural habitat.

African violet care

So, Saintpaulia likes filtered sunlight, but not direct rays. Perfectly feels on the Eastern Windows, which gets a portion of the sun in the morning.

As for the humidity, the African violet at home likes moist air. It is best to put next to a container of water.

But spray is not recommended as the leaves can rot. In General, watering should be very carefully Saintpaulia.

Easy drought flower at home easily tolerate, but the Bay is bad.

Due to the structure of their roots (hair), African violet immediately absorbs water, even excessive amounts, so pour better into the pan, and in small portions.

There is no standard method of assessment of the dryness of the soil — lower your finger a centimeter inside. If dry, should be watered. If, however, feel the humidity, you should wait a couple more days.

Soil for African violets in the home should be easy. Better to buy a special ground for these flowers.

It is desirable to mix with vermiculite, pine needles, sphagnum moss, or sand. Select two components listed, which are more affordable and mix the soil in the ratio of one to one.

On the bottom of the pot be sure to put a layer of clay pellets about two inches. This is necessary to avoid water stagnation.

This soil will easily dry out, air will flow to the roots. This will reduce the likelihood of root rot.

Water for irrigation it is best to defend and slightly acidify with a drop of vinegar or a slice of lemon.

African violets in the home definitely need to fertilize, but not overdoing. Buy special fertilizer and use it in the proportions indicated on the package. It’s even better to do a half dose.

Fertilize the Saintpaulia to two times per month before flowering and once a month during. These homemade versions of fertilizers, as banana skins, tea leaves, better not to use.

It threatens the emergence of so-called fungal gnats. Moreover, it can lead to rotting of the soil. We should not forget about the size of the pot.

Bulk African violet will not bloom. Perfect for the flower pot should have a diameter of not

African violet care

more than ten centimeters.

Cuttings of violets and is rooted in plastic cups.

There were kids seated only after the leaves will be in diameter not less than two inches.

Most importantly, love African violets. Feeling that the owner treats her well, she will delight long-lasting blooms at home without much effort.

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