Aerangis — care at home


Aerangis – the inhabitant of humid tropics in East Africa.

It is the small flowers from the Orchid family.

They are epiphytes, that is used as a substrate for the growth of wet stones or trunks of woody plants.

Feels comfortable aerangis and on branches overhanging the water. Its main feature is the split leaf at the end.

Aerangis – perennial, but it is worth remembering that it grows very slowly. In nature, there are from 25 to 30 types.If you want to put aerangis, preferable landing on the block.

You can also use a small basket epiphytes. If choosing ceramic or plastic pot, fill it with the best mixture of perlite, pine bark (size of pieces is not more than 1 cm) and charcoal. Requirement – good ventilation of the roots.

In any case, you should not position the plant so that it is exposed to direct sunlight. Only ambient light, and even better – moderate shade.

During the emergence of new leaves of aerangis watered and irrigated. Watering should be abundant. If the flower is growing on the block, it is allowed in hot weather to water several times a day.

Water for this it is advisable to use soft. The plant does not like salty soil, so it is necessary to flush the soil with distilled water, or repot the plant.


When the growth of aerangis stops, it stops watering, and reduce watering to 2 times a week. When spraying it is important to prevent water ingress into the base of the leaves.

In spring and summer, be sure to feed the plants with organic and mineral fertilizers. To do so, preferably once a week through watering.

If you want to plant decorated your window sill with its colors, it is necessary to create the highest possible seasonal conditions.

The dormant period of the plant lasts from late autumn and throughout winter. At this time reduce watering, it is necessary to reduce the temperature to 15 degrees, up to a maximum of +18.

While in summer it can reach 25 degrees. When the plant wakes up, it will delight you with its flowering. But we should remember that the stems grow very long – 3-4 months. The flowering period lasts 2-3 weeks.

Aerangis propagated by dividing. If necessary transplant to do better in the spring. Take the usual substrate for epiphytes: rotted leaves, bark, charcoal, chopped fern roots.

The plant can hit mealybug, scale insects, spider mites. Keep leaves, in which case they can be treated with a soap solution.

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