Adenium — care at home


This is one of the most colorful and beautiful plants.

It is called «Impulsos Lily,» «rose of the desert». Homeland of the plant is considered to be Africa hot.

The flower is characterized by high growth and large width of the stem, if it grows in a natural, familiar conditions.

Among the potted varieties especially the popular «fat Adenium». This flower is characterized by its simplicity and early flowering.

There are many varieties of this plant, which differ colored coloring (starting with white and ending with almost black) and petal shapes (smooth and wavy, Terry and polukarova).

By the way, the leaves of roses also have different color: green, variegated, yellow, red, with trim.

This impressive flower is more and more winning the hearts of Russians. This is not surprising, because adenium is growing so well in our conditions.

In the summer he pleases with flowering and winter – whimsical trunk and an interesting intertwining of roots. And all this beauty you can get with simple care.

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Adenium loves heat, so the temperature in summer should be at least 25 degrees. In our latitudes is not a problem, so the plant can be put on the street.

He will be an excellent decoration of your house. Adenium winter rest, so it will be enough, and 15-degree temperature. The main thing is to keep the earth warm up – 10.

As for watering, this plant does not like either drought or water stagnation. Water it should be as soon as the soil begins to dry. In winter in cool conditions, the flower can not be watered.

When the plant come out of dormancy, watering should be gradual, but not earlier than 10 days after the first buds appear.

You can carry out pruning of flower, but this is not mandatory. If you want to get a flowering as a shrub, do pruning as low as possible. If you prefer a single trunk, prune the tops.

The young flowers are transplanted each year, adults – in case of need. Pot is better to take a wide because the roots of the adenium grow in breadth. When transplanting you can use the land for cacti.

Before you plant the seeds of a plant in a mixture of vermiculite and sand, you need to maintain them in a solution of EPIN for 6 hours.

Can be propagated by cuttings. Just watch out for humidity, because if the soil is waterlogged, the roots can rot.

Remember, the adenium is toxic. So after taking care of him, wash your hands thoroughly. It also should be kept away from children.