Achimenes — care at home


It is a perennial herbaceous plant of the family gesneriaceae.

It stems sprawling or creeping, leaves pubescent.

In achimenes bright flowers are tubular in shape. For the formation of clusters of several stems, the young shoots above the second pair of leaves pinch out the tops.

Growing achimenes

 Location and lighting

Plant light-requiring, in the choice of location should avoid direct sunlight. The lack of light coloration of the inflorescence fades, shoots elongated.


Temperature regime should be constant without fluctuations and drafts. Achimenes — thermophilic plant. In the period of vegetation and flowering, the temperature of the air is maintained not lower than +20°C, and in the period in winter to +15°C.

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 Watering and humidity

For irrigation use pooled water at room temperature. In summer, provide high humidity, but the leaves to be sprayed is not necessary. The appearance of the leaves with brown spots — was used for irrigation of cold water.

In October, reduce watering, and in complete wilting of the plant — stop. At high temperature storage, the pot is immersed in a container of water every 2 months.


During the flowering period regularly, every 2 weeks, injected fertilizer — a common liquid fertilizer for houseplants. For better formation of roots from August, introduce a fertilizer with a high content of potassium.

Transplantation and propagation

In early spring, when the buds touched in growth, the plant is transplanted. The root system is shallow so is suitable for a shallow, wide pots. The substrate is prepared from a sheet or humus with addition of sand.

On the bottom of the pot is placed drainage layer of pebbles. Planting depth of rhizomes from the soil level 1-2 cm achimenes are Propagated by seed, division of rhizomes in spring or softwood cuttings, cut shoots are herbaceous and put them in water.

Pests and fight with them

Pests — aphids, mites, thrips, mealybug. When available, the leaves curl, wither and fall, young shoots are distorted, slowed growth and flowering stops.

To combat them, apply two insecticide treatments. All the potted plants that were on the balcony in the summer, treat before you enter the house.

The rhizomes are affected gray rot under excessive moisture and low temperature, they need to process fungicidal solution or potassium permanganate.

To prevent Botrytis use of decontaminated soil at planting, treated with a solution of potassium permanganate crimson.

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