Acacia (Luminosa) — care at home

acacia armed (Luminosa)

Acacia flowering ornamental plant from the family Fabaceae, popularly known as the Mimosa.

In fact, she’s just like a Mimosa branches with yellow flowers, and the flowering period, so it can be safely called Luminoso.

Homeland of the plant is Australia. Home gardening is mainly found in «acacia armed».

It is an evergreen shrub with prickly older spreading branches. The leaves are small, leathery.

Flowers resemble Golden-yellow balls of 10 mm in diameter. For beginner growers-growing acacia may seem complicated, although the plant is not demanding to care.

The main task is to provide enough light. «Acacia armed» is very light. If she is going to experience the lack of lighting, not bloom.

Obligatory in winter for extra lamps to provide supplementary illumination for 4 and more hours a day. This houseplant is quite heat-loving, does not like low temperatures and draughts.

The optimum temperature varies from +22 º C +25 º C. Soil no special requirements, the main thing that soil mixture is crumbly and ¼ part consisted of sand.

To watering acacia also undemanding. Enough to carry out watering twice a week and in winter once a week. Water it is desirable to use a soft, separated and at room temperature.

Optionally, if the plant is located close to the radiators and the ground dries quickly, water more often. Summer in hot weather are sprayed.

If the humidity in the room is high and the temperature is below 18C, spraying will cause only harm.

Acacia, like many plants need fertilizing complex fertilizers for flowers that you can buy in specialized stores. Feeding is carried out once a month.

The soil in a flower pot from time to time you need to loosen, just be careful not to damage the root system.

In summer the plant it is desirable to export to the country, where you can even doomed it along with the pot.

Or make it to the balcony, to the open air, then the next season it will bloom more gorgeous.

Acacia is propagated by young cuttings (shoots). Take them in late summer and root in greenhouses without free oxygen. Replanting is carried out after flowering once in two years.

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